Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Autumn Alraune

Alraune is completed! Her sex scene was very complex to do, mainly because of the many moving parts. She has probably the most layers than any MoGi before her... over 80! I recorded the making-of procedure and I will post it in Erogi's Patreon for anyone who supports us with $1 or more.

What is left to do for Voms timeline (by Veins):

  • 3 Queens and their sex scenes for Voms
  • 4 MoGi sex scenes
  • 2 Hostage scenes
  • 9 screens (levels) and a few rooms (the layout is complete in draft form)
  • Cut-scenes, whenever possible.

    What is left to do outside Voms timeline (by Veins):

    • 2 Rudy transformations and their sex scenes
    • 2 Queens for characters other than Voms
    • Sprites / animation for Ucogi, Alice, Ninjuco and Vor
    • Vor's introduction level.
    • Wrap-up the story and dialogues, enemy placement, translations to various languages, Guidebook and playtesting.

    Saturday, September 1, 2018

    August Blue

    During August I finished the sprite animations of SlimeGirl Blue. At 186, she has the most frames than any other MoGi, more than double compared to most other enemies! Blue is very versatile: she can throw projectiles, hurt Voms if he tries to touch her, walk on ceilings and drop on Voms if he tries to walk beneath her! I recorded the entire animation process for all our Patreon supporters.

    There is a re-skin to be done for Blue, Erubetie from MonsterGirl Quest! I will take the liberty to make Erubetie different to Blue, for enemy variation and to avoid any confusion.

    There are still a few Queens, extra MoGi, Hostage scenes and sex scenes to be made, but Blue is the last of the normal MoGi enemies that I had to do for the game! Many of the MoGi in the list are not in the game yet, but they will be added as soon as Titan has free time to work more in the game. I will work non-stop on the sex scenes once I'm done with everything else, so that Titan won't waste any time working on the game once he arrives at my place at the end of October. Sex scenes are easy to add, but the rest need special work to be implemented, so I need to focus on the actual game for as long as I can.


    Tuesday, July 31, 2018

    Titan's Ticket

    In our previous blog entries we described many of the difficulties we faced and in how many ways we tried to fix everything within our power. No matter how hard we tried, there were always new challenges. This could not go any longer, so for the past few months we discussed the possibility of meeting, staying together and work on the game non-stop. After a lot of ups and downs, Titan finally managed to get a ticket to travel to Europe. He will be staying with Veins for a few months in hopes of working hard to finish the game. Titan will travel at the end of October, which is great news for the game itself!

    We are currently working on Cyclops, the most challenging MoGi Queen so far. Cyclops is quite large, so having a good camera that really focuses on the action is really important. We're experimenting with different ways to handle that. Cyclops as a boss also has to be tougher than our previous boss, so we're balancing numbers regarding that. We're also fine-tuning her animation and creating more regions to walk around in, as the boss battle takes place at the towers.

    We really are very close though, and are grateful to anyone who is currently reading this post. Thank you for your interest in our game. We'll do our best to make a product everyone will be happy to play.

    Monday, June 25, 2018

    Patreon Status and Developer Talk

    So there are a lot of design decisions we had to make for our game from the onset, and the game's gone through a lot of changes.
    MoGi Origins Succubus
    This is what Succubus looked like.
    I decided to take the time today to explain why we chose to shape our game the way we did, as well as the changes we've decided to make to the game to stay on Patreon.

    First, we've changed Hostage scenes to be Map Scenes.
    In a game like ours you only get to the main adult content when you're losing. We didn't want it to feel like we're punishing the players for playing the game correctly, and we wanted to inspire more exploration so we thought... How about we add Hostage scenes where you have to go around saving guys from Mogi having sex with them? If you play the game right you still see the content you came to us for. Patreon has a zero-tolerance policy for rape, so we're going to frame that aspect of the game differently. They aren't really being, raped, the guys are choosing to do it, but the girls are a bit overzealous.

    From now on all mention of Hostage scenes will be Map Scenes, and the dialogue when talking to them has been changed as well.

    Second,  we've specified that the smaller MoGi will not be having any adult scenes. Any longtime followers of the game already knows that we had no intention of giving the younger characters any adult exposure, but it wasn't clear so we made it so.


    EDIT: Looks like we're back up. Well that was a small ordeal. I hope any developers who are looking at our page and going through anything similar can take something away from our experience. For our patrons and fans. Thank you for your patience.

    What we're working on?
    We're working on the Cyclops bossfight. The actual boss sprites have actually been done already. Titan's programming it now, while Veins does the adult scene. We hope to have something to show very soon.


    Just to add some small tidbits of information for you guys to digest, the Map Scenes weren't fully our idea. It was due to you guys.

    When we were starting out, we thought we'd stay the course and do what other games generally did, as we saw no apparent flaw in their design decisions, but through constant communication with you guys multiple things changed in our game. Through playing the game, we remember some of our players lamenting the fact that they had gotten better at the game. We struggled to think of a solution to have people see the adult content, w/o necessarily losing. Obviously we increased the game difficulty, but surprisingly, the skill gap in our audience was QUITE wide. We didn't want to unnecessarily punish our worse players but still wanted to reward better ones. This is how Map Scenes came to be.

    Our sex minigame also took form due to the direct influence of you guys. Originally, we had a mash to escape system(like we do with Slimegirl Black), and we thought it worked well. The thing was though, unlike pixelart titles our game has a lot to take in when it comes to animation. Since the actual animations are quite large, our fans were lamenting the fact that they couldn't just relax and enjoy the animation at their own pace.

    The challenge became how would you have a high pressure minigame, where you can take your time to solve it so you can view the animation.  Our current minigame is our answer to that challenge and we wouldn't have come up with it w/o you.

    The takeaway here is that if there's anything you guys don't really like or feel isn't directly explained enough, we'd be happy to communicate and make changes to more suit your needs. The adult scenes withstanding though, as those are kind of spoken for...

    Wednesday, June 13, 2018

    Our Patreon page is Under Review

    Our Patreon page is currently under review. After reading the community guidelines we realized we were a bit too lax in showing adult content on the page. Our intro page had the Neko Paizuri scene and our intro video had adult scenes shown in it as well. We've changed that and asked for a re-review of our page. We hope it doesn't take too long...

    We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Thursday, May 31, 2018

    SuccuBeta! v1.352


    The long awaited beta is here! After a lot of struggle and hard work you can finally play the Communications Tower. Two new MoGi appear as well: A sex-starved Succubus Queen was observed back in the area between the city and the tunnels, so you are advised stay put and wait for help! Also we got reports of various citizens trapped by Alraune tentacles crying for help! I can't imagine why, the lucky bastards! Bottom line, the area after Red is dangerous.

    This Beta is far from perfect. Please report any mistakes or glitches you may find.
    Please Delete Progress and Delete Data because small things changed early in the game affect instance ID's and mess with the savefile.

    Sunday, April 22, 2018

    Veins' thoughts

    The good news:
    Titan is coming to my country for the Summer. We would be house-mates and try to finish the game once and for all. Well, we have to wait for his visa to arrive and book tickets and deal with all that procedural crap that wastes time. But this is a huge step toward finishing. Coming from America to Europe for 2 months (or more) requires huge sacrifices but this had to be done. Titan ended up being completely unreliable for the past 2 years due to personal issues and this was the only way to deal with the game's crisis. I hope that he will actually manage to come... I won't believe it until I see him in person!

    The bad news:
    It's stuff you already know. No updates, no Beta, nothing. We got some messages in the last post, of people tired of waiting. I know, I feel the same way. Actually even more so, because I'm here every single day talking to Titan, asking him for updates. He is constantly a few hours away from finishing the Beta. But always something happens. On March 1st he told me he wants 5 hours to finish it. Today, 52 days later.... oh man, it feels ridiculous to even continue that sentence, so I won't! Fuck my fucking life.....

    Titan found new 2 level designers and I also found new 2 level designers (currently we only got 1 active designer right now). All of them are waiting on Titan to finish the Beta. His work is pilling up, and we need those designers to finish levels so that when he comes here (where his time would be limited), we wont be wasting time waiting for the levels to be done!

    I write all that here, not just because we promised transparency, but as a desperate way of mine to force Titan to work. Titan knows all that, but writing all that here it's like having all my thoughts gathered. I have to believe that he does everything in his power to get shit done, but it's obviously not enough. We lose fans, we lose support, we lose faith in ourselves. Apart from that, the rushed work shows. I want the game to be better, but if there is no time to finish a basic fucking beta, then how can there be any time to do small fixes that really matter?

    And it's more than that. level designers are waiting on us, people who love the game are waiting on us. The partnership between me and Titan gets shaky... when he returns to America, surely he will return to the current pace of doing things. And then, how can I trust him on some new project? At this moment, I don't see that happening. I hope I'm wrong. I may find other partners or I may learn programing and make games on my own... I don't know. But there are options.

    The future seems uncertain. Once more, it all depends on Titan. I hope he comes to my country as he promised (I can't be sure of anything anymore). When he comes, we work hard. When it is time for him to leave... then we reevaluate the situation. Fuck, if this fails.. I'm running out of ideas to save this project. Worst comes to worst, I would have to find a legit company to finish the game. But that entails a whole new world of risks, management and expenses, and it would be a nightmare to handle. But I need to bury all that for now and stay positive as Titan plans his trip here.

    The ugly news:
    You won't like it but I have no art or updates for the game this month. I took a small break from MoGi, to avoid getting mad on waiting for things to happen. Also it bothered me that there were only 1 or 2 comments on the Succubus sex animation (which was highly anticipated), and on the Wild West game. Frustrated from all that, and my personal life as well, and tired of waiting on others to make games, I decided to make a game on my own... a game that I started in a Game Jam 2 years ago, with a team of four (supposedly) award-winning programmers. They were utterly useless and abandoned the project, so I never got to finish it until now. I haven't done any Ucogi games in years, so yeah, this game is about Ucogi's first story. I made this game to fix my mood, and feel that I finally finished a damn platform game! I just have to find some fitting music to complete it.

    I understand that this may be a game that you don't care about, because it's an asexual game about Chibi Ucogi. But if you think about it, in the long-run these are actually good news. I proved to myself that I can make a game on my own, and that if I ever want to go solo and make platform games with story, cut-scenes and riddles, I fucking can! (I just need to learn a new program to do games, because Flash gaming is kinda dead).