Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Monday, November 12, 2018

Asking for Feedback

How do you guys feel about the Platforming, and the Puzzles of the game? 
How do you feel about the game's difficulty?
We're currently designing new levels and as we're doing so we're weighing our options. That's hard when we don't know what part you guys enjoyed the most.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Towering Beta v1.62

New Beta! With new stuff! Can't say anything more without spoilers!!! Actually... this image displays things you can expect from our new release! So go play it!!!

What we did:
For the past 10 days Titan lives with Veins and we both work non-stop to finish the game. We are working on many things, both new and old. The list is huge but just to name a few:
  • updated Pumpkin sex scene
  • gold canisters
  • video cut-scenes
  • balancing enemies
  • fixing glitches
  • link rooms
  • find sound effects and music
  • rearrange texture pages for memory efficiency
  • additional art for thumbs and "versus screens"
  • correcting riddle rooms and map logic
We managed to do so much in 10 days and we wanted to share it with you in this huge beta release!

All normal MoGi are programmed (only Erubetie's sprites are missing). There are a few sex scenes still need to be done: Blue, Vampire, Erubetie and Troll. So there's a lot more work done in the background that we are not ready to show yet. Also, we hired a few new level programmers to help us with the level design.

What is next
Veins has to finally design Ucogi and Alice for the game. At the same time, Titan has many little things to fix and add, such as parallax, in-game cutscenes, NPCs, dialogues, THE GREEN PANELS and all that. For the next 2 months we aim to complete at least Voms' timeline.

So far everything looks bright! All we need from you is to drop us a line and share your enthusiasm with us! It means a lot!!!

A reminder but since lots of new objects have been made and old objects have moved around, you'll need to start a new game because loading from an old one will have a corrupted savefile T_T. The game allows you to try and load, but that might cause glitches. It's up to you.

EDIT: Dropbox is SYNCING quite slowly today. If the version you have is not the latest version, plz give Dropbox time to update.

Friday, November 2, 2018

One week's progress

It's been one week since Titan has come to stay with Veins. Progress on the game has gone quite well since then. To be honest, the amount of progress is much more than we expected for only one week. We've had some ups and downs getting used to the new environment (especially the food) but overall things have gone better than we expected so far.

More than one MoGi has been programmed each day, including Cyclops, Purple, Vampire, Troll, Blue, Zombie, and Alraune. The only normal enemy MoGi that remains to be done is the skin for SlimeGirl Blue, Erubetie. She's a "skin" in name only. She functions differently from the original SlimeGirl Blue.

Veins is working on a cut-scene for the towers. Our world has been relatively static so far. The most change that's happened has been the event at the start of the game with the MoGi escaping as well as a tractor falling into some water. Hopefully this cut-scene breathes more life into the world of MoGi origins.

We will definitely release a beta within the next few days so you guys can see the new content for yourself. It's been fun looking at the MoGi in development and seeing their weird glitches. In fact we'll share some with you.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Titan meets Veins!

On October 26th, Titan traveled half the globe to meet and stay with Veins.  The road to this was a bit rocky, but we felt this was a necessary step to speed up the progress on our game. We're already seeing the benefits of only working 2 feet away from each other instead of 2,000. As Veins draws, Titan can give direct input on what he sees and how it would interact with the game. As Titan programs, Veins can give direct input on the visual aspect like the hitbox, enemy placement, and fine tune numbers like the speed of animations. Previously, this would be very slow. The new workflow already feels more satisfying.

Titan will stay at Veins' house for 2.5 months. We plan on finishing as much of the game as possible, completing at least Voms' timeline. Our goal is to complete all levels, enemies, bosses and characters during Titan's stay.

The best part about all of this is that we're really pushing each other to make good progress. Emphasis on the good. The feedback now can come from any time and things can move in the correct direction before they're finalized.

Game dev is hard, especially if you work from far away. Many things went wrong, but team Erogi is still here, fighting to finish MoGi Origins against all odds. We felt the need to change our methods drastically and it is clear that this course of action is our best bet to complete the game. A big thanks to all our supporters on Patreon for making Titan's trip possible.

Monday, September 24, 2018

SlimeGirl Black is Back

My friend Womanime will make a new HD art of SlimeGirl Black in the following days, for October's Patreon rewards. Feel free to suggest possible sexy poses of Black with Voms! You got until Friday, so give it a shot! Or 10!

You need to log in to Patreon and go to Team Erogi's Patreon page, find the post and write there. I may pick one of the suggestions for Womanime to draw, or I may be convinced to draw anything you vote, from the amount of hearts each opinion gets! Start commenting and share the love!

I will take into consideration anything posted here, but in Patreon you can vote with hearts which suggestions you like the most, and it works as a free poll. Actually... anything I see here I will also post it on Patreon myself. So, be cute, kinky and creative!

Black is a small but heavy girl made of tar. Not very flexible but she has great endurance. Her most obvious asset are her big boobs, so let's use them in creative ways!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Autumn Alraune

Alraune is completed! Her sex scene was very complex to do, mainly because of the many moving parts. She has probably the most layers than any MoGi before her... over 80! I recorded the making-of procedure and I will post it in Erogi's Patreon for anyone who supports us with $1 or more.

What is left to do for Voms timeline (by Veins):

  • 3 Queens and their sex scenes for Voms
  • 4 MoGi sex scenes
  • 2 Hostage scenes
  • 9 screens (levels) and a few rooms (the layout is complete in draft form)
  • Cut-scenes, whenever possible.

    What is left to do outside Voms timeline (by Veins):

    • 2 Rudy transformations and their sex scenes
    • 2 Queens for characters other than Voms
    • Sprites / animation for Ucogi, Alice, Ninjuco and Vor
    • Vor's introduction level.
    • Wrap-up the story and dialogues, enemy placement, translations to various languages, Guidebook and playtesting.

    Saturday, September 1, 2018

    August Blue

    During August I finished the sprite animations of SlimeGirl Blue. At 186, she has the most frames than any other MoGi, more than double compared to most other enemies! Blue is very versatile: she can throw projectiles, hurt Voms if he tries to touch her, walk on ceilings and drop on Voms if he tries to walk beneath her! I recorded the entire animation process for all our Patreon supporters.

    There is a re-skin to be done for Blue, Erubetie from MonsterGirl Quest! I will take the liberty to make Erubetie different to Blue, for enemy variation and to avoid any confusion.

    There are still a few Queens, extra MoGi, Hostage scenes and sex scenes to be made, but Blue is the last of the normal MoGi enemies that I had to do for the game! Many of the MoGi in the list are not in the game yet, but they will be added as soon as Titan has free time to work more in the game. I will work non-stop on the sex scenes once I'm done with everything else, so that Titan won't waste any time working on the game once he arrives at my place at the end of October. Sex scenes are easy to add, but the rest need special work to be implemented, so I need to focus on the actual game for as long as I can.