Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Even more progress and background info

The new Beta will be available in a couple of weeks time and it will have 8 new areas, several rooms with unique riddles, PG Daisy and SG Black! It's been a while since we released a new Beta but we were busy designing levels, characters and planning ahead. Let's go through all that bit by bit!

MoGi parade!
This is a comprehensive panel of all the MoGi. You can see which ones appear currently in the game and which ones appear as Hostage Rapes or something else. We decided to include every MoGi in the game, even if their role is not too important or even if they don't have sex scenes. We still have a lot to do, but let's not forget that most of these MoGi were added outside of Offbeatr pledges to make the game look better, deeper, more populated and as a "thank you" to all our fans and supporters!

The map
We had to do a few changes and make sure that everything checks out. We had to print a physical version of the map and lay it on the floor and run every scenario. We can't show the whole map, that would spoil the exploration of the game. The map is complex but essential for the game. A few people might have the problem with the map because of it's unique design.... sometimes the creators need to take risks and try new things. Not many 2D games use a 3D map because things tend to get messy. The only similar map we could find was from "Shantae Risky's Revenge" which wasn't very intuitive in it's use. We hope our map system is less confusing!

New areas
We talked about the "Old Labs" in the comments of our previous post. This area represents the opposite of what you seen so far: ruined buildings instead of clean ones and an upper level of platforming for those comfortable jumping from wall to wall. You can also see Alice and some background info such as the function of each building. The interiors will have many surprises!

Here's some draft pre-production sketches from scenes in the game. In order from left to right: BeastGirl Neko, SlimeGirl Orange, BeastGirl Squirrel, PlantGirls Leshy and Oak.

Roofs and stairs have a fundamental problem, if we got a slope in the game, it has to be a solid object. Voms won't be able to go through it and that can't change because that means changing the core mechanics of the game which can lead to a disaster. So we need to find a way around such problems, discuss, experiment and end up with an acceptable decision. Sometimes you can use your imagination but other times you need to see it in action and judge after you play it for your self.

Back when we had to create the farms, we wanted to come up with a design that allows Voms to climb on the ceiling and serve as a 2nd-layer platform. As you can see we came up with at least 6 ways that don't quite work for various reasons. We had to come up with a satisfying way to deal with that, which you can see in the game right now, the double roof.

In a similar manner, we try to decide how the stairs will work. The game has lifts, but they get quite repetitive and we want to change that. We decided that B1 is the best approach to the stair design.

MoGi to come (or... come to MoGi!)
And last but not least, a small animation of how we plan to have SlimeGirl Black attack. A while ago, one of our fans here mentioned "grabs" and we rejected it as an idea. But we never forgot! We talked about it and love the fact that Voms can have his personal HR, while SlimeGirl Black has a sprite sex scene as an attack. SlimeGirl Black turning to ball may not be too sensual, but if she can have a sprite sex scene and an actual sex scene.. might worth the try! This sprite scene might also be the Breast Smoother some other fan asked for!

Regarding non-adult mode the Breast Smoother should be fine as an animation and other playable characters won't be compatible with that move but they will get hit by Black's roll attack. We hope we can pull this off because grabbing moves are hard to implement in a game.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Progress and background info

While we are working to finish the upcoming beta, we are going to inform you about the game's progress and entertain you with some background info!

We have altered the map many times to ensure the quality of our game (current version v102). Having 7 different characters roam on the island is tricky. There are 7 different stories to be told and those characters need to be on certain places at a certain time. When Voms meets Rudy for example, their dialogue needs to have a meaning that will affect both their storylines. Hopefully the character interactions will be a nice addition to the game and their stories will play out well, because we want to make a smart and creative game.

At this point it should be mentioned that all the areas in the game are 90 and all the buildings are 80 (but 25 of them won't be accessed by any of the characters). We recently added a few new areas and buildings that weren't originally planned. All important buildings have unique names and functions.

We decided to makes each NPC unique and project their personalities whenever possible. This will be shown in detail during Rudy's and Alice's timeline where they question or interrogate the NPCs trying to solve mysteries!

MoGi Cardfight accessories
We are adding items that appeared in the original card-game, such as barrels, power-ups and robot enemies. Some of these items serve only as background decorations in MoGi Origins, but they are a nice subtle addition. Also, we plan to include all the Monster Girls from MoGi Cardfight in some way... some of them might unlock doors, or teach the characters new moves!

As we said in the beginning, we got 7 stories that occur at the same time. Although we have written down most of the script, there are blank areas and details to be filled as we go along. This leads us to explore more creative possibilities and will make our story stronger.

Talking about possibilities, we often ask ourselves "What would this person do if...". Following this line of thinking can lead us to explore the characters, making them have personality and be as interesting as they can be. The idea behind these character interactions is to throw 2 of them together in a situation and see what the outcome is. That's drama!

Completion stats
Of course you might be not be interested in any of the above and you are here for the sex scenes and the completion of the game. If that's the case, here's what is done so far:

MoGi enemies 6/12 (50% done)
MoGi hostage rapes 4/6 (66% done)
MoGi Queens (for Voms only) 2/8 (25% done)
Other Queens/Bosses 0% 

Map 99.9% done
Areas 95% done
Buildings 90% done
Story 98% done

While the above percentages are legit, they leave a few things out. For example, they don't mention the extra MoGi enemies, MoGi HR scenes or other extra enemies such as the soldiers and robots.

Drop us a line if you have any suggestions or problems! :)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Things to come

We are a bit late with the next Beta update and due to various suggestions we decided to reveal some of the things we are working on. Sometimes it's hard to show in the game the progress we made because Veins is somewhat ahead, designing new characters and backgrounds and once they are done, Titan gets them and puts them in the game. But other times Titan is ahead, programming new enemies using draft sketches that Veins has to render frame by frame until they reach their final form.

We try to avoid releasing a beta with just one or two new areas because we feel that it's pointless for someone to play so little. We try to add to each update new areas, riddles, challenges or enemies so that it would be an update worth playing. Sometimes everything needs to be in place in order for the levels and progression to make sense, so here are some things we are making here and there that we can't add to the game just yet.

This is one of the rooms in a new building we are making. You know it's a new building because the walls are yellow. In case you missed it, the City houses are pink, warehouses and offices are gray, labs are purple, military are blue, the docks are a different shade of blue and the Farm houses are brown. So, each building has it's own theme color (I think there is some inconsistency with green buildings). The NPCs also share the color of the building. At this point we want each NPC to look different, if possible.

The soldiers (white and black) are something that you will face much later in the game, so you don't really have to worry about them. Yes, they are male enemies...! If you follow this project close enough you might have an idea of who might do what with them!

The ladder... that's a failed idea. We designed the building with several of those ladders but we decided that the characters would look weird jumping on them as normal platforms. We will swap the ladders with lifts, soon enough.

The art of SlimeGirl Red is completed. She uses her boobs as projectiles but don't worry she grows new boobs quite fast! Breast expansion anyone?! The background is a work in progress but you will be able to see the final result in a couple of updates probably. Red's animations are very fluid and we can't wait to release her when the time comes!

Hmmm.. what else? Oh yeah, we decided to add a few more extra MoGi to expand the story and the puzzles. Voms or other characters may need to pass through certain areas. Instead of having the old and casual "keys and doors" we decided to have various objects that the characters can find or trade, and give them to a specific MoGi in order to let them pass. There won't be a fight or sex with that MoGi but perhaps if you dont have the right item with you... it might be harmful for your health!

More than that, Titan believes that he fixed the video problems (You can check right now if you want) and he also corrected a large number of small glitches. Too many to count!

We hope this posts clears a few things up and creates new questions and sparks new discussions and new ideas. We would like to know what you think of the game this far, what you like and what you dislike. If you think that something is missing, give it a shot and we might implement it. This feedback will help us make the next levels even more interesting, appealing and perhaps challenging. So, if you want this to be an even better game, please share your thoughts!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

R.I.P. Offbeatr

Offbeatr is about to disappear forever. It's a shame because it helped this project (and many other projects) become a reality.

These tragic news don't affect things for MoGi Origins. We carry on with this project as we should. We have saved any contacts and messaged, so everything should run smoothly.

For historical purposes and reference, we post here our Offbeatr page as a reminder of what we have to do to finish the project.

Don't worry we got all of the main pledge data that OB could give us in a Notepad document in our Dropbox.  If you want to save some kind of record of your OB purchase though just in case something went wrong on our end, feel free to.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Party like a RockGirl! (Beta v1.17)

To get the new Beta, use the link you received upon purchase. If you played the game
before, it needs to be restarted in order to play correctly some essential additions.
But now, you can play most of the game as Rudy!

What's New? (V1.17)
  • Rudy is playable! (press C+R to switch with Voms. Beware of small glitches)
  • 2 new Mogi! (RockGirls Stone and Gold)
  • Toadstool got new attacks and cum scene! (she is no longer an Amanita clone)
  • Voms gets his first upgrade/new move! (Ground Smash)
  • A new area is added, the Tunnels!
  • New music in the Farms!

Other changes include: 
  • A new map system - press Enter to view the map (Do not delete map.ini)
  • The city had a few major fixes (more to come!)
  • Voms' Orbs have changed fundamentally.
  • Updated running animation for Voms. 
  • Some new NPCs and conversations.
  • Enemy AI made slightly different.

In this Beta it was just going to be Stone, Gold and the Tunnels. But we ended up adding a few more things into the mix: Voms' new move can be combined with kicks or used to trick Nekos or beat multiple MoGi at the same time! Rudy's roll (press down as you run forward) makes her invisible for a bit and can be useful against Amanita's! Toadstool and Gold are extra MoGi, not supposed to be in the game but we even added new sex scenes for them! There's also a small surprise added... find it just before the end of this Beta!

Monday, November 30, 2015

The gargoyles are coming!

Our next beta is close. It took longer than we expected but we wanted to have a nice solid release that you will all like. We are just a few more days away.

A few spoilers: Voms will get a tool upgrade and he will be able to access new areas. Rudy will be playable for testing. She won't change to MoGi but we will get a glimpse of her gameplay and art.

Also there will be 2 new MoGi! The RockGirls Stone and Gold! Gold wasn't supposed to be in the game so treat her like a treat! She seems similar but she's very different to Stone. Titan currently works through some tiny bugs and Veins is near finishing the StoneGirls' sex scenes.

The RockGirls will get you in a few days!

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Rudy is finally completed! She won't appear in our next Beta (which will be released in a few days) because she appears later in the game. Oh yes, Dedu will be in the game as well!

Who is Rudy?
Rudy is friends with Ucogi and Dedu. She is Ucogi's rival in many ways but in this adventure she comes along to help. Rudy works as a maid in Mr. Tremmors mansion as a part-time job. She usually makes fun of everything, judging from her own point of view. I suspect Voms will have a hard time dealing with her! 

Rudy can roll on the ground and go through enemies and she can also kick enemies in close proximity. She has a special gadget attached to her arm which shoots laser beams for long range attacks. Her gadget allows her to hack doors that other characters cannot open. Also after a few software upgrades, the gadget can project holograms, turning Rudy to MoGi! Furthermore, Rudy will have 3 MoGi morphs. Each morph will give her new skills and help her explore new areas!


Rudy can't reach higher areas to climb and when she climbs she is slow. She can't push objects because like Chibi, she is small in size and not strong enough. Also she won't have a minigame, so no second chances after her lifebar goes to zero. Rudy can already avoid enemies and kill from afar, therefore we had to balance her abilities, otherwise she would be extremely strong. Rudy doesn't have a special uniform like Voms' to protect her and that's our official excuse! :P

Adult stuff?
As mentioned earlier, Rudy can turn into 3 different MoGi. Near the middle of Rudy's game some soldiers arrive as part of the story. When they faint by Rudy's hits, she can make them cum dressed as a MoGi, depending on the MoGi form that she currently has. It's Voms minigame but reverse... and in sprite mode. So it's also like an "on-demand" type of Hostage Rape! With Voms, you need to fail to get the sex scene. With Rudy you get the sex scenes for not failing!