Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Squirrel In My Pants! (Beta v.1.092)

What's New:
  • BeastGirl Squirrel appears! (and she is very naughty!)
  • Map! (press ENTER during game)
  • New versus screens! (non-adult mode) 
So about the Map.  If you have an item you need to use, the region you can use it in will be purple. Indoor areas wont appear on the Map.

We're currently working on the city.  Voms'll hopefully meet some of the other characters and the story will get a bigger push.

PS: Since the map is created as you visit new regions you're going to have to either start a new game or walk backwards to get the regions you've been to.  If you got the beta, use the link you've received prior to get the updated version.

PS2: We have changed the link recently. If you haven't got it, use the contact form to tell us your paypal email or Offbeatr account. Then we will send you the new link.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Boss Fight! (Beta v1.09)

I bet you guys have been wondering what we're up to.  Well, we created a lot of new stuff and we're planning a small update soon in the future as well.

What's New:
  • Bossfight - Meet PlantGirls Oak and Leshy! I dont find the fight too difficult. While trying to tone down my gaming instincts I hope she has the correct difficulty. 
  • 2 New Hostage Rapes - RockGirl Iron and SlimeGirl Orange. Orange is more suggestive than anything... she's the only hostage rape that appears when adult mode is off. 
  • 2 Bonus MoGi - PlantGirl Leshy and SlimeGirl Orange weren't supposed to be in the game!
  • 1 New Region - It's sort of a hub region, a lot of places will be blocked off to Voms and you'll see hints of places that are accessible by other characters.
  • Small changes to the Main Menu, credits screen and galleries.
  • The game is now a bit easier.

We hope you enjoy the game so far and that you like Oak's personality while getting to know Voms a little more as well.

PS: The cutscene after the fight will likely face some changes by the next update.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Maps & cards!

Maps: While working on the forest level and the first MoGi boss, we decided to share the current map of the game. The map shows the Docks and Farm levels from top-view which is a bit unorthodox in 2d platform games, but it helps visualize the concept of the "alleys". We hope the map makes sense and that it helps with your navigation in the game.

Cards: On another note, if you pledged in Offbeatr for any card games (MoGi Cardfight, MoGi playing cards or Ucogi Playing cards), then your card game is shipped! Everyone who gave us their details should have their card games delivered next week or so.

Around 6 people didn't reply to our messages and we don't have their address or details, so if you are one of them, plz send us an email (use the contact form) and don't forget to include the card game you pledged for and also your Offbeatr nickname. Otherwise we can't send you your game!

(Ucogi's nude deck is on hiatus at this point because MoGi Origins has priority as a project.)

If you are new here...
- Play the free demo! (click "Downloads").
- Get Beta access! (click "Donate")
- You got any questions? PM us! (click "Contact")
- You want to make our day? Post a comment below!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Helloooo Nurse! (Beta v.1.0746)

Greetings everyone! This is another Beta release!

What's new pussycat?
  • Neko, everyone's second favorite MoGi, is added in the game!
  • A completely new area (level 3), along with original music and new door mechanics!
  • The donation button is switched to dollars (instead of Euros). 
  • The Digital Megapack from OffBeatr is now available for purchasing.
  • The card games are ready (I know I received mine from Veins). We sent out an Offbeatr message to anyone who pledged for it, so please reply to that message or if you dont see a message, look for it in your spam folder or contact us.

The game's coming along nicely and more levels and MoGi will be appearing soon!
What's next? The next level and the first boss!

EDIT: Ok I'll just post this here since people seem to be a bit confused. If you got the beta, the new files should be in the same exact place. Just use the link you were given prior.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Small Update

Ok so there's been a small update to the Beta.  Lots of people have asked us to update it, even if it only includes an HD version of Neko's Hostage rape and cum scene, so here ya go.

What's New
  • HD hostage rape animation
  • HD hostage cum animation
  • New Controls in the Gallery (Left or Right = zoom || Up or Down = pan) 
  • 2 more rooms (pretty small) - 1 of them is a puzzle room.
  • Dialogue Changes (We would really appreciate any feedback here!!)
    1. The text that appears when you enter the first save room has changes.
    2. The big cutscene has a lot of changes.
    3. The farmer's dialogue in the second save room has changes.
    4. The second girl on the silo has some changes.
ATM, we've actually gotten a bit done on the next region and other enemies, but none of it is really presentable.

There's also been A LOT of optimization. We've moved to using the YoYoCompiler, are running on the newest version of Studio, and have decreased the amount of savefile read/writes to really make the game run better.  It was running at 60fps for me even on (power saving mode)! However, if anyone's having any problems running this game please let us know.

EDIT: We've added some simple support for gamepads. If you have a gamepad plugged in that the game recognizes it'll disable your keyboard inputs for the game(except for toggle fullscreen) and use your gamepad instead. I tested it with a 360 controller myself.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


survey services

We had a poll regarding the arrow that points at the alleys of the game. 
The question was: "What do you think of the arrow".

1) It needs to be more prominent (23%)
2) Leave it the way it is (31%)
3) Pin it to the ground near the exit (31%)
4) Get rid of it. It's ruining the exploration element (15%)
(200 votes)

We decided to leave it as it is for Voms timeline and remove it completely for the other playable characters. Thank you all for you time!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Beta v1.071 released!

We are happy to announce that the Farms are almost complete! They are now double in size, with more secrets to find, more riddles to solve and you can even save the first few MoGi-rape victims!

That's not all! We went back to the existing levels and added a few extra details... you know, like the revamped design of the warehouses' roofs! The game is more consistent and many bugs and glitches were fixed thanks to everyone's help!


As always, we expect your comments and feedback! We hope you really enjoy this new release!!!

Note: in this Beta, the extra playable characters (Chibi, Ucogi, Vor and Rudy) are not available.
You can still access Beta v1.0 and play as them.

If you are new here...
- Play the free demo! (click "downloads").
- Get Beta access! (by donating $30 or 22.41)
- You got any questions? PM us! (click "Contact")
- You want us to have a nice day? Post a comment below!

NOTE: You should delete your savedata when you start the newest version of the Beta. There's been a savesystem revamp. Also! Ctrl+P will take a screenshot of the game.