Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bloodstone milestone!

We'd like to thank each and every one of you that have supported us this far! Bloodstone has already been designed out combat-wise and visually. We wish you the best of luck whenever you face her!

RockGirl Bloodstone will probably appear in the 2nd Beta from now. In the next Beta we will see Turquoise.The next Stretch Goal is going to be a Hostage Rape with a MoGi and a position voted by our Patrons!

Some stats
With RockGirls Turquoise and Bloodstone making it into the game, many of our previous stats have changed. The MoGi enemy number has increased to 12 MoGi out of 17 total (70.6%). 3 of them, Turquoise, Bloodstone and Leshy don't have individual sex scenes.

Extra MoGi (Mogi that we added without pledges) are currently 11 out of 13 (84.63%). These include enemy MoGi such as Gold and Toadstool, HR MoGi such as SlimeGirl Orange and a few NPC MoGi (that havent been in the game yet) such as Medusa and Scorpion. We plan to add all 36 Mogi in the game, one way or another, or even both ways, since some MoGi appear as enemies and as HR.

Mogi Rapes remain at 5/7 (71%) but hopefully this number will change soon thanks to Patreon Goals.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

First Patreon Goal, reached!

Thanks to our patrons, RockGirl Turquoise will be added in the game!

We created our Patreon six days ago and thanks to your support we reached our first Goal! It was a small Goal about a chibi MoGi without a sex scene. But all great things start small, right?

This was the 1st in a series of 12 milestones. Turquoise is already designed and we will try to include her in the next Beta release. We're currently working on adding some puzzles in the game. Once we are done with all that we will release the new version.

We're very happy to be making this colorful world, but we're even happier that you guys are enjoying it too! Besides Patreon, we want to thank you for your constant support, patience and even brainstorming ideas and share them with us. Each one of you has the opportunity to influence the game. Slimegirl Black and Succubus' role would not have been the same if it wasn't for your feedback.

If you want to help us further, please spread the word! The more patrons we have, the faster we will reach our next Goals. Let the world know that Team Erogi is on Patreon and makes hentai games! Here are a few links that you might like to share in various sites and social media:
1) this blog:
2) our Patreon:
3) Patreon SFW promo video:
4) Ucogi's site:
5) Ucogi's Facebook:
6) Ucogi's Tumblr:
7) use the following image!

Oh by the way, Alice will try to stop us from reaching her Nude mode, so we have to stay strong!
Thank you very much for your support! \o/

Friday, September 30, 2016

Team Erogi on Patreon!

We are in Patreon! Why? Because we want to continue making awesome Hentai games! This is not a Patreon about MoGi Origins, but a support device for Team Erogi and any future games we may make! We are low on funds for a while now and if we get forced to get a job elsewhere... that would delay
MoGi Origins even more. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete such a big game and that's why we need your help. But let's be positive about this! The following video is just a glimpse of what we achieved so far and what to expect in the near future!

Patreon Rewards:
We tried to avoid anything that will make us delay the making of MoGi Origins. Most of the
rewards are images/animations essential for the game or already completed, and in-game rewards which are easy-peasy to add. Once all the images are given away (it will take a while), they will loop and given again, in the same order. We wanted all Rewards to be... rewarding!

Patreon Stretch Goals in detail: (That's the real game changer... literally!)
The first goals are adding the two chibi RockGirls. You might not care about them because they won't have sex scenes. But they are easy to do because they are basically clones of Chibi Ucogi, so it's a small early addition.
Later on we have 4 new Hostage Rapes. They will be decided by Patreon poll. If we reach those goals we will have a total of 11 HR. Then we can have one HR per region, making the exploration element perfectly consistent.
Then we have the long awaited Nude Alice mode! The story will reveal her mysterious past, and it will answer why she kills anyone who sees her naked! Nude Alice will have a new level (10 areas), including 3 male enemies that can violate her in various ways. This dark mode will be in contrast with the bright theme of MoGi Origins in many levels.
The next 3 goals are new MoGi that will also be decided by Patreon poll.
Originally there was to be 12 Mogi. Then we added 2 extra MoGi, pushing their number to 14. Now we have the opportunity to have 17 (excluding the two chibi Rockgirls). It's gonna be chaos! xD
Complete Vor sex scenes! This is a huge goal! Vor would be able to have sex not only with the Queens he faces, but also with every MoGi! That's 20 new sex scenes! Vor's sex scenes will make male-dominant and on demand, unlike we have seen so far with Voms! Don't worry, it's not much of a rape if you fuck willing girls. Or is it? We dont know, because they will be decided by Patreon poll!
•  Ucogi and Alice lesbian sex scenes! Ok this is the hugest goal of them all! I know that word doesn't exist but this goal is so out of reach... it's fitting! Ucogi and Alice will be raped by MoGi in 20 different ways that will be decided by Patreon poll! Imagine the possibilities.. even SlimeGirls can grow cocks and fuck them! That's not futa, right? ^^;

Phew, that's quite a list! Nude Alice and Vor/Ucogi/Alice sex scenes are a big risk... if we reach that financial goal we have to keep our promise. That means that if the Patreon income decreases dramatically, we still have to deliver! It's a bet, and for that reason we set those goals a bit high.

Our thoughts and concerns:
We do realize that these Goals will make the game development longer. On the other hand the sheer content size will make MoGi Origins a must-have H-game! That is if the Memory problem doesnt return... ^^; If that happens we have a plan B (and C) but that chance is slim since GM has fixed many of these issues. 

Also, the higher Goals won't delay Voms' game, because we will finish his story before we move on to other characters. It will take a while for Veins to make all this art, sure, but as you've seen in the video, a lot of unseen art is done (such as SlimeGirl's Red and the Soldier animations) so Titan has a lot of ground to catch up. So yeah, while Titan is finishing the game it self, Veins will have the spare time to work on those extra hot animations! ;)

We want to thank everyone that's supported us and pushed us into doing this,
 and we want everyone to know that we've thoroughly listened to all of your feedback.  

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ucogi in Tumblr and things to come

Patreon (soon)
He were hesitating at first and it took some convincing from our supporters, but Erogi Patreon is just around the corner! After much discussion, we ended up having 5 levels of Rewards and 12 Goals.

The Rewards would include giving away icons, screensavers, draft and HD images, and animations, and more. The Goals start off with the small addition of Turqoise and Bloodstone, both based on Chibi and they won't have sex scenes. The Goals however get more serious soon after, with 4 new Hostage Rapes, Nude Alice mode and 3 new MoGi enemies. The last 2 rewards would require a legendary amount of devotion but they are there just in case. More on that on release!

Ucogi on Tumblr!
Veins started an Ucogi tumblr page in which he shares some animations and sketches of Ucogi and the MoGi. There you will find Succubus' final design and some draft but funny and original femdom sex positions that may be used in MoGi Origins.

Succubus' original costume from MoGi CardFight wasn't sexy enough, so she had a lot of re-designing. But If you are following Ucogi's facebook page you already know about that! So easy to get lost in the social media world! Succubus' outfit #1 was the original one. The rest were various proposals. #4 was very popular but we decided to go with #7 as her in-game battle outfit.

Things so far and things to come.
Titan is about to finish 3 new rooms full of puzzles. When this happens we will release the new Beta. New MoGi won't be included since it would be a minor Beta update.

For the next Beta we will take a step back and try to perfect many existing issues, such as graphic glitches, dialogues, and we would add a new Queen. A lot of stuff have been made but they need to wait to be in the game (such as new NPCs, black and white soldiers, SlimeGirl Red and FairyGirl Cyclops). The following image demonstrates how packed the world of MoGi Origins is!

Completion stats
MoGi enemies 9/14 (64%)
MoGi hostage rapes
5/7 (71%)
Extra MoGi added: 8/15 (MoGi that weren't suppose to be in the game)
MoGi Queens (for Voms only) 2/8 (25% done)

100% drawn out
50% in game
50% in game
Story 99% done

We want to thank you all for your support, patience and help in finding bugs, glitches, throwing new ideas
and shaping MoGi Origins to the game is it today. This project wouldn't have come to life without you! 
As always, drop us a line if you have any problems or suggestions!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Black Beta (v1.32)

Get the Beta by using the link you received upon purchase. If you lost it, use the contact form to give us your email. 
If you played the game before, delete progress and data to play correctly some essential additions.

What's new in v1.32
• Slime Girl Black added!
• Toadstool's projectile fix
• A new area and music is added, Forest C
• Fixes of memory issues and other glitches
• Camera Now Moves when Unlocking Doors
• and.. a breakable tree!

SlimeGirl Black!
There are several good ideas that came from this blog. Someone said that he wanted a MoGi with a grab move. Someone else said that he wanted a breast-smoothering attack. And someone else mentioned that he wants to see a new minigame from a "harder" mogi, like "smash buttons" gameplay. SG black combines all that! This new monster has fluid animations and an expanded sex scene!

Problems we faced
"Only a few more days..." It seems like Murphy's law hit us hard this time.  Things were going pretty well in the beginning. We were making good progress and it seemed like there'd be no roadblocks.

Then one day I opened up the program and saw this.

I was... extremely confused where this came from. If you've been following our blog for a while, an unwarranted memory problem has happened before and it wasn't a pretty sight.

This time around though, the situation was different.  Ever since moving the adult animations to be external videos, we were using much less memory.  Previously we got to 25 texture pages before facing such errors.  We're not at 25 texture pages yet.

Therefore, I assumed the problem was on my end, and I began working surreptitiously thinking the problem would be solved before long.  I didn't make the previous mistake of not contacting GM's dev team though. I reached out to them early on.

Time went on, and I was making no progress on my end. I could not see how it was my fault, meanwhile, conversations are slow since it's support.  The direct cause of the problem was never really found.  Parts of the game's memory got corrupted with the #1 theory being a memory mismanagement incident that could be traced to my PC limiting the amount of RAM I could use when my charger got unplugged.

They helped me isolate the problem areas in the game and I began to fix them.  A few more days happened, and since the ball was in my court, I thought I'd be done immediately.  The memory issues had, unbeknownst to me, affected old files too however so things ... took a lot longer than I had expected. But now all these problems are probably gone for good.

Whats next to come
Next, Voms tries to call for help, but can he actually defeat... Cyclops?!

Team Erogi on Patreon
Due to popular demand we decided to start Patreon to support MoGi Origins and any future games. We will also have tiers, rewards and more added content, such as the backstory of Naked Alice :)
We will reveal more in our next post!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Even more progress and background info

The new Beta will be available in a couple of weeks time and it will have 8 new areas, several rooms with unique riddles, PG Daisy and SG Black! It's been a while since we released a new Beta but we were busy designing levels, characters and planning ahead. Let's go through all that bit by bit!

MoGi parade!
This is a comprehensive panel of all the MoGi. You can see which ones appear currently in the game and which ones appear as Hostage Rapes or something else. We decided to include every MoGi in the game, even if their role is not too important or even if they don't have sex scenes. We still have a lot to do, but let's not forget that most of these MoGi were added outside of Offbeatr pledges to make the game look better, deeper, more populated and as a "thank you" to all our fans and supporters!

The map
We had to do a few changes and make sure that everything checks out. We had to print a physical version of the map and lay it on the floor and run every scenario. We can't show the whole map, that would spoil the exploration of the game. The map is complex but essential for the game. A few people might have the problem with the map because of it's unique design.... sometimes the creators need to take risks and try new things. Not many 2D games use a 3D map because things tend to get messy. The only similar map we could find was from "Shantae Risky's Revenge" which wasn't very intuitive in it's use. We hope our map system is less confusing!

New areas
We talked about the "Old Labs" in the comments of our previous post. This area represents the opposite of what you seen so far: ruined buildings instead of clean ones and an upper level of platforming for those comfortable jumping from wall to wall. You can also see Alice and some background info such as the function of each building. The interiors will have many surprises!

Here's some draft pre-production sketches from scenes in the game. In order from left to right: BeastGirl Neko, SlimeGirl Orange, BeastGirl Squirrel, PlantGirls Leshy and Oak.

Roofs and stairs have a fundamental problem, if we got a slope in the game, it has to be a solid object. Voms won't be able to go through it and that can't change because that means changing the core mechanics of the game which can lead to a disaster. So we need to find a way around such problems, discuss, experiment and end up with an acceptable decision. Sometimes you can use your imagination but other times you need to see it in action and judge after you play it for your self.

Back when we had to create the farms, we wanted to come up with a design that allows Voms to climb on the ceiling and serve as a 2nd-layer platform. As you can see we came up with at least 6 ways that don't quite work for various reasons. We had to come up with a satisfying way to deal with that, which you can see in the game right now, the double roof.

In a similar manner, we try to decide how the stairs will work. The game has lifts, but they get quite repetitive and we want to change that. We decided that B1 is the best approach to the stair design.

MoGi to come (or... come to MoGi!)
And last but not least, a small animation of how we plan to have SlimeGirl Black attack. A while ago, one of our fans here mentioned "grabs" and we rejected it as an idea. But we never forgot! We talked about it and love the fact that Voms can have his personal HR, while SlimeGirl Black has a sprite sex scene as an attack. SlimeGirl Black turning to ball may not be too sensual, but if she can have a sprite sex scene and an actual sex scene.. might worth the try! This sprite scene might also be the Breast Smoother some other fan asked for!

Regarding non-adult mode the Breast Smoother should be fine as an animation and other playable characters won't be compatible with that move but they will get hit by Black's roll attack. We hope we can pull this off because grabbing moves are hard to implement in a game.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Progress and background info

While we are working to finish the upcoming beta, we are going to inform you about the game's progress and entertain you with some background info!

We have altered the map many times to ensure the quality of our game (current version v102). Having 7 different characters roam on the island is tricky. There are 7 different stories to be told and those characters need to be on certain places at a certain time. When Voms meets Rudy for example, their dialogue needs to have a meaning that will affect both their storylines. Hopefully the character interactions will be a nice addition to the game and their stories will play out well, because we want to make a smart and creative game.

At this point it should be mentioned that all the areas in the game are 90 and all the buildings are 80 (but 25 of them won't be accessed by any of the characters). We recently added a few new areas and buildings that weren't originally planned. All important buildings have unique names and functions.

We decided to makes each NPC unique and project their personalities whenever possible. This will be shown in detail during Rudy's and Alice's timeline where they question or interrogate the NPCs trying to solve mysteries!

MoGi Cardfight accessories
We are adding items that appeared in the original card-game, such as barrels, power-ups and robot enemies. Some of these items serve only as background decorations in MoGi Origins, but they are a nice subtle addition. Also, we plan to include all the Monster Girls from MoGi Cardfight in some way... some of them might unlock doors, or teach the characters new moves!

As we said in the beginning, we got 7 stories that occur at the same time. Although we have written down most of the script, there are blank areas and details to be filled as we go along. This leads us to explore more creative possibilities and will make our story stronger.

Talking about possibilities, we often ask ourselves "What would this person do if...". Following this line of thinking can lead us to explore the characters, making them have personality and be as interesting as they can be. The idea behind these character interactions is to throw 2 of them together in a situation and see what the outcome is. That's drama!

Completion stats
Of course you might be not be interested in any of the above and you are here for the sex scenes and the completion of the game. If that's the case, here's what is done so far:

MoGi enemies 6/12 (50% done)
MoGi hostage rapes 4/6 (66% done)
MoGi Queens (for Voms only) 2/8 (25% done)
Other Queens/Bosses 0% 

Map 99.9% done
Areas 95% done
Buildings 90% done
Story 98% done

While the above percentages are legit, they leave a few things out. For example, they don't mention the extra MoGi enemies, MoGi HR scenes or other extra enemies such as the soldiers and robots.

Drop us a line if you have any suggestions or problems! :)