Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Enemy development video

I made a video of the progress we have done regarding enemy programing. In the video you can see the progress of Vampire and other enemies, even Ucogi and Alice as bosses. Most of their programming is there, but the art still needs to be finalized. A few enemy animations in the video have placeholder art, such as the giant Golem, that uses Troll's sprites as a reference.This is why we can't release a beta yet... we have done a lot of work behind the scenes, but it's not yet presentable.

FairyGirl Vampire is done, with her programing and her sex scene recently finished. We will post her sex scene on Patreon soon. Pixie's sprite scene is also completed, getting closer to finish the game.

Art missing for Voms timeline:
1) Stheno art/sex scene
2) Golem art/sex scene
3) Blue sex scene
4) Succubus 2 sex scene
5) Vampire sprite scene
6) Ucogi art
7) Alice art
8) Vor art
9) cutscenes

We will get next beta out when we feel confident that everything works good enough for a decent release.

Friday, May 31, 2019

General Progress Update

For a while now, a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes. 

Titan here, what I'm programming is mostly level and save related. We plan on releasing the game once Voms' story is complete and later on, release extra content afterwards in the vein of Ucogi's playthrough, Chibi's playthrough, and so on and so forth.  This means the game needs to be future proofed on a technical level.  

Right now, whenever you start a new beta you'll need to start a new game because instance IDs (which saves things), might have shifted around. For instance, if you move a barrel, save and go back to see the barrel it should be where you moved it. Every new beta however, we add new objects and instances and that changes around the IDs of all these objects in GameMaker. This is part of the reason why you must start a new game whenever a new Beta comes out. Currently, switching out all interactive instance IDs with custom ones, and an ID search function so I don't use the standard that comes with GM. If I do everything properly even new updates won't need new saves. I know this sounds familiar, but it's because I still haven't finished doing it yet. 

This is time consuming as we have a lot of interactive objects. I had made some progress on this front earlier but while adding new levels I saw some vestiges of the old system still being used and I am currently ironing everything out. Thankfully, we don't have any more memory issues as of now. 

Veins is half-done with Ucogi's sprites. He also finished Pixie's sprite sex scene and he is about to finish Vampire's sprite sex scene and Vampire's sex scene with Voms.

We are also linking the levels that were previously created to this version of the game, while fixing any issues that may have existed in them. Things like invisible platforms not existing, audio glitches in the wrong use of invisible platform, camera motion not focusing on the right area, and enemy placement glitches.

Other than that, we want you to know we are still around and we are doing our best to make a game that will make everyone happy!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

After the break

Team Erogi took a break during February but now we are back, refreshed and recharged. We needed some time away from the game, not only to rest but also to distance ourselves a bit, in order to see the game with fresh eyes upon our return.

There's quite a lot of fine-toothed things that our team needs to work on:

All the normal monster enemies are programmed and their sprites are fully animated. We can't however tell which MoGi allies they synergize with and which they don't, so we do need to tweak them until they feel satisfying to fight against. (For example, Rockgirl Stone used to just be immortal to attacks until she left herself open when she attacks. If you paired her with any other Mogi like Neko for instance, it didn't feel satisfying to wait for her to attack before hitting her back. After testing and discussing about her, we decided that she needs to have higher defense when she blocked, instead of being immortal.)

Troll's sex scene and Erubetie's sprites were finished recently. Only 2 Hostage scenes are remaining (Pixie, Vampire), 2 Queens (Stheno, Golem) and 4 Sex scenes (Stheno, Golem, Vampire, Blue) for Voms' timeline. Okami, Elf, Iron and Cactus will be shown in other character's timelines.

Titan's making sure the specific Keys to certain puzzles are unique. (Everything the user interacts with, modifies the savefile. We need to be extra careful about this because the gamemaker's ID system reuses IDs after some time, and this can create programing conflicts. This is the main reason why people need to restart the game from start in every beta update. And since we are planning to add more content after we finish and release Voms, that system needs to be made to take updates.)

Last but not least, Titan's making sure the final boss for Voms, feels right to play against. (She'll make you use all of your abilities and should give a very challenging fight. A lot of this work isn't directly visible, but we are working towards at least one more beta before a Voms game release.)

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Aftermath of Titan's trip

After 2.5 months of hard work, Titan returned home and he is no longer living with Veins. Our main goal was to finish Voms timeline, or at least, as many things as possible. We had a board for our plans and deadlines (1) and another board keeping track of what actually happened (2).

You may not understand a lot because those boards were made for personal use. But you can see some of the dates we took a break, the weeks that Veins planned to finish Ucogi and Alice but he had to deal with the level design instead, and the final days where we both were exhausted. The map system was done from scratch, a few errors and glitched had to be fixed, a ton of level hazards were added and the list goes on and on regarding everything we added in the game.

We reached a point were we had to work so fast that we didn't even had the luxury of turning back and double check our work. We finished all the MoGi enemies, program-wise and graphic-wise (except Erubetie), as well as many MoGi Queens, but there was no time to test them excruciatingly. Our level guys managed to finish all the 59 remaining levels but we haven't played in them in order to do any corrections. Designing all these levels and adding all the new objects took a huge chunk of Veins time, and they have still a long way to go, but knowing they are almost done, it's a fulfilling milestone.
Veins draft sketches: Alice's Dungeon, Stheno's Castle and Ucogi's Temple.

Most of the work is done but we need to check what we have done in detail before we can show something concrete. We do want to release a new Beta soon, but first we need to go through the time consuming process of finalizing everything we can, which always slows us down a bit.

Now that Titan and Veins are separate again, Team Erogi will be working to tidy up the game and make it ready for presentation. Unfortunately we didn't get to finish Voms timeline, mostly because Ucogi, Alice and a few cutscenes and MoGi need to be completed as well. That said, we did a REALLY good amount of work. The entire island is done visually, and every map exists in the level editor. This was a really large hurdle for us, and it's cleared.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Living with Titan for 2 months

These past 2 months went by fast and they were very productive.

I managed to design all the remaining areas of the game and our level guys managed to deliver them a couple of days ago. Talking in numbers, all the levels (both indoors and outdoors) ended up being 154 and almost 60 of them were made in these past 2 months. Originally, Titan was adding every area on his own, but to add so many levels... he would have to work exclusively on them for many months to get them done. These areas still need to be linked together and be polished but this is indeed a huge milestone!

All these new areas have a lot of new art, riddles and interactive elements such as horizontal lifts and ENP locks (you need to shoot energy bullets on certain slots to activate doors or lifts). New hazards also were added: Robots, lasers, falling platforms, electrical grounds, toxic lakes and clouds to name a few.

Titan is now working on the last 2 Queens. Succogi, Succalice and Golem are done programming-wise but I still need to finish their animations.

We will try our best to finish as much as we can regarding Voms' timeline for the next 2 weeks that Titan will stay with me. When Titan leaves, we will keep working on the project and try to release Vom's story as a complete game. The rest of the characters will follow as free DLC, hopefully soon after.

We wish you a happy new year and we will end our post with a positive message!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

New Map and more

It seems one of the largest complaints people have of MoGi: Origins is the fact that it's easy to get lost. Up to now, if you had to go to a certain place, that destination in your map would shine red, or if you had an item, the location to use your item would also shine red.

Originally we thought that was an efficient enough system, but the complaint nevertheless, has not died down.

Considering we currently work like 2 feet away from each other instead of 2 million, the conversation inevitably came up. We realized that there might have been faults in our old implementation. For one thing, if the destination was not somewhere you had discovered yet, nothing on your map would appear red. Until you explored the map to the point of seeing something red, you would have no reminders of where you to go either.

Not only that but the "Missions" that Voms has, are brief in introduction. If you step away from the game for a bit, or decide to go hunt for Map Sex Scenes instead, it would be hard to remember your current destination, and that would also aid in getting lost.

To fix this, we're doing two things.

First, we're adding in Destination circles

Instead of outright showing a red version of the destination on your map before you've discovered it, we're going to show a general circle for the region you're supposed to go in. A general destination of where you're supposed to be. It'll leave the exploration a tad bit more obtuse, but will always be visible so there's a strong indication of where you're supposed to go.

Second, we're adding COM conversations

This is something we've kind of wanted to do anyway, but never thought to tie two and two together to use it in such a fashion. It'll be an on-demand conversation in the pause screen. Before you restore communications across the island, Voms will talk to himself, about what his destination is. Afterwards, there'll be an NPC talking to Voms. If you guys have any ideas regarding that, we're willing to listen to your suggestions.

Progress wise we've completed QUITE a few levels. Succubus Ucogi is also programmed and Succubus Alice is well on her way to being finished. Succogi still has quite a few art assets that need to be completed for her to be live however. We want to show you guys the fruits of our labor but we can't. Please be patient with us.

If you were a Patron for the month of December we did send you guys sneak peaks into what's been done regarding Ucogi.

Our primary goal however is to have Titan finish as much of the game's programming while he's here and in speaking distance of Veins. That and the consistent progress we're making is inspiring our level guys to work hard as well.

"Lead by example" is a more powerful statement than I thought it was.

Honestly, we can't thank you guys enough for sticking by us and communicating with us. We'll do our best to make a game you guys are happy with.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Living with Veins for a month!

Yup, it's been a month since Titan went to Veins' house. What's done so far?

We released a good beta during the first week. After that we designed the Labs (new levels with a lot of new art, riddles and hazards), corrected most glitches in a 100 pages document that we were collecting for years, we remade the map system, updated the parallax, programmed all normal MoGi and we polished a few things, such as Voms jump (you have more control now).

The new levels can show that the game starts getting serious!

The last few days, Titan is programming Ucogi and Veins is animating her. For the first time we are working on the same thing side by side! Ucogi needs to be as perfect as possible. This is her WIP so far.

As crazy as research can go, we made an Ucogi skin for Kilik from Soulcalibur 6. Ucogi indeed has similar moves to Kilik, and it's fun to see her in 3D!