Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Monday, February 3, 2014

MoGi List Unleashed!

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Ask and you shall receive... well, sometimes!  We've posted this list in our Offbeatr Updates and people already have questions!
  • What's up with Turquoise and Bloodstone being shaded out... are they confirmed for the game?
    No. We are not into loli, plus in order to crowdfund the game, we need to make sure there is no loli content.  If they do appear in the game, they won't have sex scenes.
  • So are all the colored MoGi going to be in the game eventually?
    Unfortunately no.  These are the possible MoGi people can choose from with their "Choose a Mogi" perk or if we reach a stretch goal.
  • You know how Monster Girl Quest has a text-rape scene after the protagonist loses? Are you guys planning on having this type of Game Over text?
    Well we're planning on the game being multi-lingual (at least Japanese and English) and we'd probably have to pay the translator for that, so adding more text isn't really in our favor.  What do you guys think though?  Do you feel that aspect of the game is important enough for us to spend our time doing?

We added a paypal donation button, for those of you who really cannot use Offbeatr. That said, we would really really prefer if you tried to Offbeatr to pledge money, because it makes things easier and more transparent. If you use our donation button and contact us, we'll even give you the reward you want (if it's available) and try to keep track of it with the stretch goals... and by "try" I mean we will do so!

And last but not least, thanks to all of you, we managed to reach our 2nd Stretch Goal, the playable character Chibi-Ucogi! We got a little more than 5 weeks to raise the money for our next big Goal, Maid Ucogi! So, please, go out there and expose this game as much as you can. We need more people to learn about MoGi Origins and all together we will make an outstanding game!!!

On another note, which is your fav MoGi from the list? :)