Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July's news

Map: The entire map has been completed by Veins and it contains 86 unique areas. Titan is now trying to implement an automated map to the game. We can't reveal any screenshots of the map because that would be... spoilers!

Level design: The level design is almost complete. Designing levels is a very complex task because the levels need to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality. All levels need to be unique, fit with the concept of the game, create a certain mood, the difficulty needs to be gradual if possible and they obviously need to appeal to the player. Many new elements have been added, such as paths that only Chibi can enter, riddles, platform challenges and blocked areas that need a special skill or key to overcome. Veins will try his best to complete the level design (in both exterior and interior areas) during August.

Details: For those who got MoGi Cardfight, you will notice the subtle appearance of items found in the cards, such as "Energy Reactor", "Defective Dish", "Unstable bomb", "Super Syrup", "Flunky Frequency", "Acid Attack" and many others. "Flunky Frequency" for example can be seen at the top of the building in the image below. You just have to be a little patient until we put them together in the levels to come!

Next Beta? Titan is working on that. He wanted to release a new Beta during July but he couldn't make it. We will be working on releasing a new Beta during August.