Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Monday, September 24, 2018

SlimeGirl Black is Back

My friend Womanime will make a new HD art of SlimeGirl Black in the following days, for October's Patreon rewards. Feel free to suggest possible sexy poses of Black with Voms! You got until Friday, so give it a shot! Or 10!

You need to log in to Patreon and go to Team Erogi's Patreon page, find the post and write there. I may pick one of the suggestions for Womanime to draw, or I may be convinced to draw anything you vote, from the amount of hearts each opinion gets! Start commenting and share the love!

I will take into consideration anything posted here, but in Patreon you can vote with hearts which suggestions you like the most, and it works as a free poll. Actually... anything I see here I will also post it on Patreon myself. So, be cute, kinky and creative!

Black is a small but heavy girl made of tar. Not very flexible but she has great endurance. Her most obvious asset are her big boobs, so let's use them in creative ways!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Autumn Alraune

Alraune is completed! Her sex scene was very complex to do, mainly because of the many moving parts. She has probably the most layers than any MoGi before her... over 80! I recorded the making-of procedure and I will post it in Erogi's Patreon for anyone who supports us with $1 or more.

What is left to do for Voms timeline (by Veins):

  • 3 Queens and their sex scenes for Voms
  • 4 MoGi sex scenes
  • 2 Hostage scenes
  • 9 screens (levels) and a few rooms (the layout is complete in draft form)
  • Cut-scenes, whenever possible.

    What is left to do outside Voms timeline (by Veins):

    • 2 Rudy transformations and their sex scenes
    • 2 Queens for characters other than Voms
    • Sprites / animation for Ucogi, Alice, Ninjuco and Vor
    • Vor's introduction level.
    • Wrap-up the story and dialogues, enemy placement, translations to various languages, Guidebook and playtesting.

    Saturday, September 1, 2018

    August Blue

    During August I finished the sprite animations of SlimeGirl Blue. At 186, she has the most frames than any other MoGi, more than double compared to most other enemies! Blue is very versatile: she can throw projectiles, hurt Voms if he tries to touch her, walk on ceilings and drop on Voms if he tries to walk beneath her! I recorded the entire animation process for all our Patreon supporters.

    There is a re-skin to be done for Blue, Erubetie from MonsterGirl Quest! I will take the liberty to make Erubetie different to Blue, for enemy variation and to avoid any confusion.

    There are still a few Queens, extra MoGi, Hostage scenes and sex scenes to be made, but Blue is the last of the normal MoGi enemies that I had to do for the game! Many of the MoGi in the list are not in the game yet, but they will be added as soon as Titan has free time to work more in the game. I will work non-stop on the sex scenes once I'm done with everything else, so that Titan won't waste any time working on the game once he arrives at my place at the end of October. Sex scenes are easy to add, but the rest need special work to be implemented, so I need to focus on the actual game for as long as I can.