Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Titan is back!

Veins here.

And yes, Titan is staying with me for the 2nd time, in order to complete MoGi Origins. He will stay for 2 months and so far we are working non-stop. A lot of progress has been made already and we are happy with how things go.

In the past few days we finished the Menus and the Gallery, updated a lot of art and we finished the design of additional levels for Survival mode and Time Attack. Titan is currently linking all levels together so that we can start placing MoGi, Hostages, Magazines and power ups in a way that would make sense progressing the game. We made plans regarding all that.

Many decisions are now finalized. The NSFW option wont hide the Gallery, but only hide the sex scenes during gameplay. Also only Voms (from he playable characters) will be able to find Hostages. There will be 3 Hostages per region (9 in total). Survival mode, Time Attack and Queen Replay will be unlockables.
In games like Castlevania, enemies appear only in their designated areas. In MoGi Origins however, we will be introducing a new MoGi every few screens. We hope to create an interesting dynamic between all the enemy MoGi, by having clever combinations of enemies for Voms to fight. 

We also plan to create 2 major events in the game, where white and black solders appear to make things harder (they can fly). These event will hopefully unite the stories of all the characters, provide a sense of progress and make some backtracking a bit more interesting.

As we are very close to finishing the game, our vision gets clearer as to what needs to be done. Small details will be added, such as a drowning sign near deadly lakes and hills so that the game won't appear to be to flat. All 'Versus Portraits' are done (the images that appear instead of sex when the NSFW option is on) and almost all the sex scenes are completed. 

We are doing our best to complete this long awaited game and we hope to complete it before Titan leaves. Wish us good luck and strength!