Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ucogi in Tumblr and things to come

Patreon (soon)
He were hesitating at first and it took some convincing from our supporters, but Erogi Patreon is just around the corner! After much discussion, we ended up having 5 levels of Rewards and 12 Goals.

The Rewards would include giving away icons, screensavers, draft and HD images, and animations, and more. The Goals start off with the small addition of Turqoise and Bloodstone, both based on Chibi and they won't have sex scenes. The Goals however get more serious soon after, with 4 new Hostage Rapes, Nude Alice mode and 3 new MoGi enemies. The last 2 rewards would require a legendary amount of devotion but they are there just in case. More on that on release!

Ucogi on Tumblr!
Veins started an Ucogi tumblr page in which he shares some animations and sketches of Ucogi and the MoGi. There you will find Succubus' final design and some draft but funny and original femdom sex positions that may be used in MoGi Origins.

Succubus' original costume from MoGi CardFight wasn't sexy enough, so she had a lot of re-designing. But If you are following Ucogi's facebook page you already know about that! So easy to get lost in the social media world! Succubus' outfit #1 was the original one. The rest were various proposals. #4 was very popular but we decided to go with #7 as her in-game battle outfit.

Things so far and things to come.
Titan is about to finish 3 new rooms full of puzzles. When this happens we will release the new Beta. New MoGi won't be included since it would be a minor Beta update.

For the next Beta we will take a step back and try to perfect many existing issues, such as graphic glitches, dialogues, and we would add a new Queen. A lot of stuff have been made but they need to wait to be in the game (such as new NPCs, black and white soldiers, SlimeGirl Red and FairyGirl Cyclops). The following image demonstrates how packed the world of MoGi Origins is!

Completion stats
MoGi enemies 9/14 (64%)
MoGi hostage rapes
5/7 (71%)
Extra MoGi added: 8/15 (MoGi that weren't suppose to be in the game)
MoGi Queens (for Voms only) 2/8 (25% done)

100% drawn out
50% in game
50% in game
Story 99% done

We want to thank you all for your support, patience and help in finding bugs, glitches, throwing new ideas
and shaping MoGi Origins to the game is it today. This project wouldn't have come to life without you! 
As always, drop us a line if you have any problems or suggestions!