Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Small Update

Ok so there's been a small update to the Beta.  Lots of people have asked us to update it, even if it only includes an HD version of Neko's Hostage rape and cum scene, so here ya go.

What's New
  • HD hostage rape animation
  • HD hostage cum animation
  • New Controls in the Gallery (Left or Right = zoom || Up or Down = pan) 
  • 2 more rooms (pretty small) - 1 of them is a puzzle room.
  • Dialogue Changes (We would really appreciate any feedback here!!)
    1. The text that appears when you enter the first save room has changes.
    2. The big cutscene has a lot of changes.
    3. The farmer's dialogue in the second save room has changes.
    4. The second girl on the silo has some changes.
ATM, we've actually gotten a bit done on the next region and other enemies, but none of it is really presentable.

There's also been A LOT of optimization. We've moved to using the YoYoCompiler, are running on the newest version of Studio, and have decreased the amount of savefile read/writes to really make the game run better.  It was running at 60fps for me even on (power saving mode)! However, if anyone's having any problems running this game please let us know.

EDIT: We've added some simple support for gamepads. If you have a gamepad plugged in that the game recognizes it'll disable your keyboard inputs for the game(except for toggle fullscreen) and use your gamepad instead. I tested it with a 360 controller myself.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


survey services

We had a poll regarding the arrow that points at the alleys of the game. 
The question was: "What do you think of the arrow".

1) It needs to be more prominent (23%)
2) Leave it the way it is (31%)
3) Pin it to the ground near the exit (31%)
4) Get rid of it. It's ruining the exploration element (15%)
(200 votes)

We decided to leave it as it is for Voms timeline and remove it completely for the other playable characters. Thank you all for you time!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Beta v1.071 released!

We are happy to announce that the Farms are almost complete! They are now double in size, with more secrets to find, more riddles to solve and you can even save the first few MoGi-rape victims!

That's not all! We went back to the existing levels and added a few extra details... you know, like the revamped design of the warehouses' roofs! The game is more consistent and many bugs and glitches were fixed thanks to everyone's help!


As always, we expect your comments and feedback! We hope you really enjoy this new release!!!

Note: in this Beta, the extra playable characters (Chibi, Ucogi, Vor and Rudy) are not available.
You can still access Beta v1.0 and play as them.

If you are new here...
- Play the free demo! (click "downloads").
- Get Beta access! (by donating $30 or 22.41)
- You got any questions? PM us! (click "Contact")
- You want us to have a nice day? Post a comment below!

NOTE: You should delete your savedata when you start the newest version of the Beta. There's been a savesystem revamp. Also! Ctrl+P will take a screenshot of the game.