Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Friday, April 29, 2016

Progress and background info

While we are working to finish the upcoming beta, we are going to inform you about the game's progress and entertain you with some background info!

We have altered the map many times to ensure the quality of our game (current version v102). Having 7 different characters roam on the island is tricky. There are 7 different stories to be told and those characters need to be on certain places at a certain time. When Voms meets Rudy for example, their dialogue needs to have a meaning that will affect both their storylines. Hopefully the character interactions will be a nice addition to the game and their stories will play out well, because we want to make a smart and creative game.

At this point it should be mentioned that all the areas in the game are 90 and all the buildings are 80 (but 25 of them won't be accessed by any of the characters). We recently added a few new areas and buildings that weren't originally planned. All important buildings have unique names and functions.

We decided to makes each NPC unique and project their personalities whenever possible. This will be shown in detail during Rudy's and Alice's timeline where they question or interrogate the NPCs trying to solve mysteries!

MoGi Cardfight accessories
We are adding items that appeared in the original card-game, such as barrels, power-ups and robot enemies. Some of these items serve only as background decorations in MoGi Origins, but they are a nice subtle addition. Also, we plan to include all the Monster Girls from MoGi Cardfight in some way... some of them might unlock doors, or teach the characters new moves!

As we said in the beginning, we got 7 stories that occur at the same time. Although we have written down most of the script, there are blank areas and details to be filled as we go along. This leads us to explore more creative possibilities and will make our story stronger.

Talking about possibilities, we often ask ourselves "What would this person do if...". Following this line of thinking can lead us to explore the characters, making them have personality and be as interesting as they can be. The idea behind these character interactions is to throw 2 of them together in a situation and see what the outcome is. That's drama!

Completion stats
Of course you might be not be interested in any of the above and you are here for the sex scenes and the completion of the game. If that's the case, here's what is done so far:

MoGi enemies 6/12 (50% done)
MoGi hostage rapes 4/6 (66% done)
MoGi Queens (for Voms only) 2/8 (25% done)
Other Queens/Bosses 0% 

Map 99.9% done
Areas 95% done
Buildings 90% done
Story 98% done

While the above percentages are legit, they leave a few things out. For example, they don't mention the extra MoGi enemies, MoGi HR scenes or other extra enemies such as the soldiers and robots.

Drop us a line if you have any suggestions or problems! :)