Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

MoGi Madness

Veins here.

I have been working non-stop for several weeks now. Dealing with the music guys was a nice change of pace. We now have around 5 new music pieces for the game. I also looked around for new guys to make levels for the game. I found 2 individuals and 3 teams and are interested in helping us out for cash. I passed most of them to Titan to test them out, since he is the one who deals with the tech stuff.

While dealing with all that, I had to sleep odd hours, distance myself from the real world for days at a time, listen to music and focus on animating new MoGi. I managed to achieve a trance state without any psychedelic drugs, during work, for work. It was trippy... not knowing when it's day or night, and not caring what time I wake up or sleep... working with glasses, contacts or naked eyes also helped. It was something I needed, being at a super low point in life. This is how I cope, by being super productive. Anyways, enough drama.

Alraune, Troll, Vampire and ZombieGirl are the latest additions.
Most of them don't have sex scenes yet but they will, after a few new levels are released.

Since October 21, less than a month ago, I managed to finish Alraune's sprites, Alraune's Hostage scene, Cyclops upper and lower body sprites (yes, she is THAT big) Troll's sprites and Vampire's sprites. And ZombieGirl's sprites and sex scene. Well that last one is just a reskin of Pumping that will be used for a special reason in the game. Be excited at your own risk.

Part of why this Beta is taking so long, it's because of this giant monster!
Cyclops is the biggest MoGi in the game. Post suggestions for her sex scene!
We will release more details when each MoGi appears in the game, or if you cant wait, ask stuff in the comments. Titan is working on the next Beta release. We dont have a release date yet. The good news is that most MoGi are made, so Vom's timeline is not far from completion. A lot depends on the level-guys of course. Lets see how they do.

The playable characters Alice, Ucogi. Ninjuco, Vor
and their Bosses are also yet to be made.