Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Party like a RockGirl! (Beta v1.17)

To get the new Beta, use the link you received upon purchase. If you played the game
before, it needs to be restarted in order to play correctly some essential additions.
But now, you can play most of the game as Rudy!

What's New? (V1.17)
  • Rudy is playable! (press C+R to switch with Voms. Beware of small glitches)
  • 2 new Mogi! (RockGirls Stone and Gold)
  • Toadstool got new attacks and cum scene! (she is no longer an Amanita clone)
  • Voms gets his first upgrade/new move! (Ground Smash)
  • A new area is added, the Tunnels!
  • New music in the Farms!

Other changes include: 
  • A new map system - press Enter to view the map (Do not delete map.ini)
  • The city had a few major fixes (more to come!)
  • Voms' Orbs have changed fundamentally.
  • Updated running animation for Voms. 
  • Some new NPCs and conversations.
  • Enemy AI made slightly different.

In this Beta it was just going to be Stone, Gold and the Tunnels. But we ended up adding a few more things into the mix: Voms' new move can be combined with kicks or used to trick Nekos or beat multiple MoGi at the same time! Rudy's roll (press down as you run forward) makes her invisible for a bit and can be useful against Amanita's! Toadstool and Gold are extra MoGi, not supposed to be in the game but we even added new sex scenes for them! There's also a small surprise added... find it just before the end of this Beta!

Monday, November 30, 2015

The gargoyles are coming!

Our next beta is close. It took longer than we expected but we wanted to have a nice solid release that you will all like. We are just a few more days away.

A few spoilers: Voms will get a tool upgrade and he will be able to access new areas. Rudy will be playable for testing. She won't change to MoGi but we will get a glimpse of her gameplay and art.

Also there will be 2 new MoGi! The RockGirls Stone and Gold! Gold wasn't supposed to be in the game so treat her like a treat! She seems similar but she's very different to Stone. Titan currently works through some tiny bugs and Veins is near finishing the StoneGirls' sex scenes.

The RockGirls will get you in a few days!

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Rudy is finally completed! She won't appear in our next Beta (which will be released in a few days) because she appears later in the game. Oh yes, Dedu will be in the game as well!

Who is Rudy?
Rudy is friends with Ucogi and Dedu. She is Ucogi's rival in many ways but in this adventure she comes along to help. Rudy works as a maid in Mr. Tremmors mansion as a part-time job. She usually makes fun of everything, judging from her own point of view. I suspect Voms will have a hard time dealing with her! 

Rudy can roll on the ground and go through enemies and she can also kick enemies in close proximity. She has a special gadget attached to her arm which shoots laser beams for long range attacks. Her gadget allows her to hack doors that other characters cannot open. Also after a few software upgrades, the gadget can project holograms, turning Rudy to MoGi! Furthermore, Rudy will have 3 MoGi morphs. Each morph will give her new skills and help her explore new areas!


Rudy can't reach higher areas to climb and when she climbs she is slow. She can't push objects because like Chibi, she is small in size and not strong enough. Also she won't have a minigame, so no second chances after her lifebar goes to zero. Rudy can already avoid enemies and kill from afar, therefore we had to balance her abilities, otherwise she would be extremely strong. Rudy doesn't have a special uniform like Voms' to protect her and that's our official excuse! :P

Adult stuff?
As mentioned earlier, Rudy can turn into 3 different MoGi. Near the middle of Rudy's game some soldiers arrive as part of the story. When they faint by Rudy's hits, she can make them cum dressed as a MoGi, depending on the MoGi form that she currently has. It's Voms minigame but reverse... and in sprite mode. So it's also like an "on-demand" type of Hostage Rape! With Voms, you need to fail to get the sex scene. With Rudy you get the sex scenes for not failing!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Beta Arrives! (v1.160)

The new Beta is here! We also updated the demo, to match the new Beta's settings.

Our main concern is to see if the game runs smoothly on most computers and without glitches. This is a test of our new game engine, so please test it (especially the animated sex scenes) and let us know if they play without any problems. Please make sure that everything appears in the correct folders!

New Additions:
  • PlantGirl Toadstool added! (She's an extra MoGI not voted for)
  • 2 New Hostage Rapes (Orc and Pink) added! (Pink is also an extra MoGi)
  • Switched adult scenes with video.  If you don't notice any changes, it works.
  • And a Splash Screen!

Looking Ahead:
Veins designed the whole island... so all that's basically left for him to do are the playable characters and rest of the MoGi. We'll most likely touch up some levels to make them more interesting or work better as well. Also, a small peek of RockGirl Stone. She will appear in the next Beta... very soon!

Also! I almost forgot but if this is your first ever Beta update you're probably lost on how to get the newest files.  Well it's pretty easy. Just fish out the link we gave you and download the files from there. It's always the newest files.

This is just a quick public announcement. We've been trying to reach one person for a while now but we can't, and this is the only way I can think of to do it. The e-mail you gave us is an and we can't send emails to it. Please use the blogger contact form with a different email and tell us your name. If you're reading this and you're pretty sure it has nothing to do with you, it probably doesn't.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Getting Closer To The Next Beta

Hello, this is TitanAnteus here.  I know it's been a while since you've heard from me, the programmer, but here I am.  You guys are probably wondering about what's taking so long with the next beta update.

If you followed the previous update and its delays, you'd know that it was caused due to memory constraints with GM:S as a development platform and with the actual game that it compiled for us.  This forced us to externalize all the adult animations into external images.  This version ALSO sparked problems with a lot of computers because some of the animations were rather large.  For instance, Neko's scene was around 3MB (that's pretty large for a picture) in size.  GM:S's internal functions don't handle external files all that well and loading a 3MB file png strip sometimes caused it to crash. It wasn't a controlled crash either( Sometimes it happened and other times it didn't.)  This means a lot of the work done to make the game more memory efficient wasn't helpful.  I needed to take it further. 

That's where I said, I'd take the animations and turn them into video. This is a change at a very base element of the game (yet again :( ). Making the change itself would be challenging, so of course I had to test it on a seperate project and all.  Recently, I've successfully gotten the videos to work on the seperate project and am currently midway through integrating the videos into the running version of the game.  Veins throughout this time has been tirelessly working on the world's maps, planning boss encounters and locations, and drawing finalized art for the locations so most of the art assets that would be left would just be MoGi, and the other characters.

GM:S just recently updated as well, and I am going through the pains to actually update and change the code to avoid crashes.  Normally, I don't update, for fear of something fundamentally breaking down, but this new update decreases GM's memory limitations CONSIDERABLY and I have to take take that risk.
Of course the update is a large one and the changes it's made makes this a difficult transition to make, though I'm glad it came sooner than later. You can find the update here.

To be honest, I didn't expect to face these types of problems developing the game, but I've made significant progress.  Under the hood progress sucks because you can't really see it all too well, but we're working so that the game runs with all the machines the original demo ran with. This is a huge limitation since the full game's going to be miles larger than the demo but what's the point of a demo if not for showing that the software can run on your PC.

I am confident I can have a working version of the game out in September.

Also, I don't want to get all sentimental here, but I'd like to thank everyone. You've all been very patient with us as I struggle through problems I didn't forsee.  Also, thanks to everyone's help the current beta runs on many more machines than it did originally (though I still feel the change to video is necessary.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July's news

Map: The entire map has been completed by Veins and it contains 86 unique areas. Titan is now trying to implement an automated map to the game. We can't reveal any screenshots of the map because that would be... spoilers!

Level design: The level design is almost complete. Designing levels is a very complex task because the levels need to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality. All levels need to be unique, fit with the concept of the game, create a certain mood, the difficulty needs to be gradual if possible and they obviously need to appeal to the player. Many new elements have been added, such as paths that only Chibi can enter, riddles, platform challenges and blocked areas that need a special skill or key to overcome. Veins will try his best to complete the level design (in both exterior and interior areas) during August.

Details: For those who got MoGi Cardfight, you will notice the subtle appearance of items found in the cards, such as "Energy Reactor", "Defective Dish", "Unstable bomb", "Super Syrup", "Flunky Frequency", "Acid Attack" and many others. "Flunky Frequency" for example can be seen at the top of the building in the image below. You just have to be a little patient until we put them together in the levels to come!

Next Beta? Titan is working on that. He wanted to release a new Beta during July but he couldn't make it. We will be working on releasing a new Beta during August.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Erogi News

It's been a long time since our last update. We don't like keeping you in the dark, so here's what we've been up to and some of our background plans and thoughts.

1) Level Design: Veins devotes his time to finish the level design. The game is huge, bigger than we originally intended. Additional complexity has been added because of the different characters accessing different parts of the island, unlocking doors that other characters can't, finding and trading items with one another and so on. A few new elements have been added, such as taller trees and lakes.

As promised in Offbeatr, the game will have 11 areas. Here's the areas according to our latest map:
Docks, Farms, Forest A, Forest B, Forest C, Forest D, City, Tunnels, Labs, Ruined Labs, Caves.

2) Programing: Titan's work (unlike Veins' work) sometimes seems to be invisible, since he works behind the scenes. Also if the game doesnt work well he needs to work overtime and correct any errors, glitches, changes and bugs that there may be. He tries not only to make a good game, but a game that works on every possible computer, with as less glitches as possible. Right now he works on the sex scenes videos that it's something that was never done before in Game Maker.

3) Map: Titan will try to program a new. automated map. There is a total of almost 90 unique areas, not counting the interiors of the buildings. in the beta currently exist around 25 of these areas And Veins has designed around 60 of these areas. In a week or so, Veins hopes to finish the entire map.

4) Complexity of beta releases: We tried to be consistent and release a level and a MoGi each month. Focusing on the beta release sometimes is not the same as focusing on the game itself. Having to skip from level design to enemy design to character design/animation is not the optimal way to work on such project. The train of thought can be derailed and the progress can be slowed down when you work on various fronts all at once.

5) New MoGi: We decided to add some "new" MoGi to the game. By "new" we mean that these MoGi were not pledged to be in the original game. But we try to keep our fans happy by adding a few extra MoGi. Daisy will be a helpful MoGi. Rudy will also be transformed into 3 new MoGi that will give her access to new areas. For example, one of her MoGi transformations will help her climb walls. While talking about new MoGi, there's a high possibility that Succubus will transform into Ucogi and Alice.

 6) Bosses (Queens): We know when and where Voms will fight MoGi Queens. But the other characters need some bosses too. We are still try to decide which Queen will do what. We do know that each character at some point needs to fight a Queen using his/her special ability. For example, throw rocks if you are Chibi. We might use a few "new" MoGi as Queens that fight characters other than Voms. We do want to see some characters fight each other, like Alice vs Ucogi, but that remains to be seen. Some Queens might be reused, for example Golem will fight against Voms and Vor at different times during the game.

Currently, Titan's priority is to make the videos work, fix the city and make a good playable new beta release. Veins' priority is to finish the entire map design and after this is done, start working on the remaining MoGi, Queens and playable characters.

We will leave you with a question. Which MoGi Queens would you like to see the other characters (all except Voms) fight, and why?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Long Awaited Update (v1.15)

To get the new Beta, use the link you received upon purchase. The link is the same every time. If you lost that link or if you have a problem with the beta link to the dropbox, contact us through the contact form with your purchasing info (Offbeatr name, PPal email etc) and we'll resend the link to you there.

So What's New? (V1.15)
  • The city has 6 buildings with a lot to explore and many people to talk to. (Warning: the city is still under construction. Some doors for example lead to wrong places. We will fix that in our next update. Play at your own risk!)
  • Hostage Rape (Squirrel) (I guess that means all the furry-like girls are done)
  • Mogi (Naiad)


Alright so we understand it's been a while so in this blog post I'd like to detail exactly what happened to take so long. Short story, all the problems we had are now dealt with!

Over the course of the last few updates a small group of people came from the Demo telling us they had some trouble running the game. Their system specs weren't really all that good, and no one from the Beta Group was facing the same problems they were, so we kept working. After a while those same problems started appearing on one of our computers. This problem had no solution and the folks at GM weren't willing to cooperate with me, so I had to make some drastic changes.

First, I started with the levels. A lot of the tiles had some extra spaces that weren't really necessary and some could be downsized or split into multiple chunks, so I started doing that. These changes prompted that I redesign the levels affected by these modifications. In the end, I had to recreate every level in the game for a second time. This... was time consuming, but I thought the payoff would be worth it. In the end... it wasn't. The memory issues were still prevalent.

Next, I decided to externalize our adult scenes. This means that the adult scenes won't load on startup anymore and will load when they're needed. This change would drastically improve the startup time of the game but cause some delay midgame, so I didn't do this before. The challenges I faced doing this was that I needed to encrypt the new external files and change how the animations were displayed in game at a base level. This was time consuming but this had an impact.

So with the memory problems (user-end) allayed for the time being I went back to finishing the new levels. These levels are huge and caused GM to crash from time to time. In the end, I had to find a new way to design levels that involves splitting the levels into parts and combining them later.

The problem with all this is that whenever I thought I was done, more came up. These were also completely unexpected. I was prepared for some memory issues but not to this extent. Throughout all this, my computer never borrowed more than 30% of my total memory so it was frustrating to see GM crash when my system could handle it. 

Edit: Mini-update (V1.152). Glitch fixes.

The adult scenes should definitely show up now.

As for movement, I could not for the life of me recreate these problems. It could be that when I updated the file in dropbox some kind of error happened during the uploading process or something. Either way, I added some padding to the movement and changed some variables for more versatility. I honestly don't think the movement will be an issue anymore.

As for the Saving, all I can say is... I've tested this on 3 different machines and have yet to face this problem. The game only runs on windows. I can't test for virtual machines and would honestly love more information regarding this however; I still looked as far into it as I could. I made sure the system triple checks if savedata exists before giving you New Game text, and the game checks if it's saved after you save.

I was able to run through the entire game without getting stuck, teleporting, and while unlocking everything on 3 different machines so I feel these glitch fixes have been fixed, though if problems still arise I'm more than willing to look into them.

I fixed your sprite deleted error so pumpkin and amanita should definitely show up for you now.

Neko and Oak should also show up in your gallery if you trigger their sex scenes now.