Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Black Beta (v1.32)

Get the Beta by using the link you received upon purchase. If you lost it, use the contact form to give us your email. 
If you played the game before, delete progress and data to play correctly some essential additions.

What's new in v1.32
• Slime Girl Black added!
• Toadstool's projectile fix
• A new area and music is added, Forest C
• Fixes of memory issues and other glitches
• Camera Now Moves when Unlocking Doors
• and.. a breakable tree!

SlimeGirl Black!
There are several good ideas that came from this blog. Someone said that he wanted a MoGi with a grab move. Someone else said that he wanted a breast-smoothering attack. And someone else mentioned that he wants to see a new minigame from a "harder" mogi, like "smash buttons" gameplay. SG black combines all that! This new monster has fluid animations and an expanded sex scene!

Problems we faced
"Only a few more days..." It seems like Murphy's law hit us hard this time.  Things were going pretty well in the beginning. We were making good progress and it seemed like there'd be no roadblocks.

Then one day I opened up the program and saw this.

I was... extremely confused where this came from. If you've been following our blog for a while, an unwarranted memory problem has happened before and it wasn't a pretty sight.

This time around though, the situation was different.  Ever since moving the adult animations to be external videos, we were using much less memory.  Previously we got to 25 texture pages before facing such errors.  We're not at 25 texture pages yet.

Therefore, I assumed the problem was on my end, and I began working surreptitiously thinking the problem would be solved before long.  I didn't make the previous mistake of not contacting GM's dev team though. I reached out to them early on.

Time went on, and I was making no progress on my end. I could not see how it was my fault, meanwhile, conversations are slow since it's support.  The direct cause of the problem was never really found.  Parts of the game's memory got corrupted with the #1 theory being a memory mismanagement incident that could be traced to my PC limiting the amount of RAM I could use when my charger got unplugged.

They helped me isolate the problem areas in the game and I began to fix them.  A few more days happened, and since the ball was in my court, I thought I'd be done immediately.  The memory issues had, unbeknownst to me, affected old files too however so things ... took a lot longer than I had expected. But now all these problems are probably gone for good.

Whats next to come
Next, Voms tries to call for help, but can he actually defeat... Cyclops?!

Team Erogi on Patreon
Due to popular demand we decided to start Patreon to support MoGi Origins and any future games. We will also have tiers, rewards and more added content, such as the backstory of Naked Alice :)
We will reveal more in our next post!