Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Monday, October 13, 2014

Maps & cards!

Maps: While working on the forest level and the first MoGi boss, we decided to share the current map of the game. The map shows the Docks and Farm levels from top-view which is a bit unorthodox in 2d platform games, but it helps visualize the concept of the "alleys". We hope the map makes sense and that it helps with your navigation in the game.

Cards: On another note, if you pledged in Offbeatr for any card games (MoGi Cardfight, MoGi playing cards or Ucogi Playing cards), then your card game is shipped! Everyone who gave us their details should have their card games delivered next week or so.

Around 6 people didn't reply to our messages and we don't have their address or details, so if you are one of them, plz send us an email (use the contact form) and don't forget to include the card game you pledged for and also your Offbeatr nickname. Otherwise we can't send you your game!

(Ucogi's nude deck is on hiatus at this point because MoGi Origins has priority as a project.)

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