Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Erogi News

It's been a long time since our last update. We don't like keeping you in the dark, so here's what we've been up to and some of our background plans and thoughts.

1) Level Design: Veins devotes his time to finish the level design. The game is huge, bigger than we originally intended. Additional complexity has been added because of the different characters accessing different parts of the island, unlocking doors that other characters can't, finding and trading items with one another and so on. A few new elements have been added, such as taller trees and lakes.

As promised in Offbeatr, the game will have 11 areas. Here's the areas according to our latest map:
Docks, Farms, Forest A, Forest B, Forest C, Forest D, City, Tunnels, Labs, Ruined Labs, Caves.

2) Programing: Titan's work (unlike Veins' work) sometimes seems to be invisible, since he works behind the scenes. Also if the game doesnt work well he needs to work overtime and correct any errors, glitches, changes and bugs that there may be. He tries not only to make a good game, but a game that works on every possible computer, with as less glitches as possible. Right now he works on the sex scenes videos that it's something that was never done before in Game Maker.

3) Map: Titan will try to program a new. automated map. There is a total of almost 90 unique areas, not counting the interiors of the buildings. in the beta currently exist around 25 of these areas And Veins has designed around 60 of these areas. In a week or so, Veins hopes to finish the entire map.

4) Complexity of beta releases: We tried to be consistent and release a level and a MoGi each month. Focusing on the beta release sometimes is not the same as focusing on the game itself. Having to skip from level design to enemy design to character design/animation is not the optimal way to work on such project. The train of thought can be derailed and the progress can be slowed down when you work on various fronts all at once.

5) New MoGi: We decided to add some "new" MoGi to the game. By "new" we mean that these MoGi were not pledged to be in the original game. But we try to keep our fans happy by adding a few extra MoGi. Daisy will be a helpful MoGi. Rudy will also be transformed into 3 new MoGi that will give her access to new areas. For example, one of her MoGi transformations will help her climb walls. While talking about new MoGi, there's a high possibility that Succubus will transform into Ucogi and Alice.

 6) Bosses (Queens): We know when and where Voms will fight MoGi Queens. But the other characters need some bosses too. We are still try to decide which Queen will do what. We do know that each character at some point needs to fight a Queen using his/her special ability. For example, throw rocks if you are Chibi. We might use a few "new" MoGi as Queens that fight characters other than Voms. We do want to see some characters fight each other, like Alice vs Ucogi, but that remains to be seen. Some Queens might be reused, for example Golem will fight against Voms and Vor at different times during the game.

Currently, Titan's priority is to make the videos work, fix the city and make a good playable new beta release. Veins' priority is to finish the entire map design and after this is done, start working on the remaining MoGi, Queens and playable characters.

We will leave you with a question. Which MoGi Queens would you like to see the other characters (all except Voms) fight, and why?