Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Friday, April 30, 2021

Final Boss, final MoGi

We are happy to announce that Veins completed Stheno's design and animations. She is the last Queen of Voms' playthrough and the last MoGi enemy for Voms timeline! It is indeed a landmark in our game's development. I wanted to avoid spoilers but I also wanted to share how she would look like in the game and see your reaction. I hope you like her!

In the following video we reveal the animation procedure of her idle animation, frame by frame. She is the 29th Monstergirl that we made for the game (including extra MoGi enemies that don't appear in Voms timeline) and the 9th boss Voms is going to fight! We only show her idle animation in this video. She will appear in the game when Voms' timeline is completed and MoGi Origins is released.

We have been working on many more things in the background. Details that may not be visible to the player. We usually can only show the progression of animations and art, but let's not forget that the programing is the soul of the game. Sometimes it's hard to talk about it, since it's just code. And it's easier to point out what doesn't work instead of what actually works. Many of the videos I have upload is of work in progress where the programming mostly fails. A lot of hard work, knowledge, peace of mind and willpower is needed to program, let alone finish anything. Here's some small things that need attention that nobody would notice, but they would contribute to a better gaming experience and we consider them important. They may contain spoilers, or not appear in the game at all.

We also plan on releasing a new Beta soon. Probably next month if everything goes well. Veins still needs to finish Ucogi and a new cut-scene for that to happen, but we are very excited about this! 

Voms will finally meet Ucogi and Rudy and get to an entirely new area, the labs! A brand new MoGi will be introduced and we will add Troll and Vampire (+ZombieGirl) in the game as well! 

That's 4 new MoGi in total and we will merge the two current Betas to avoid any confusion. That means that the Story Mode and the Extra Modes (Time Attack and Survival) will be in the same package!