Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Light at the end of the tunnel

Veins here.

I took a break from the game during the last week of August. I haven't been on vacations in over 3 years and I needed some time off to rest, relax and reflect. There is no denial that MoGi Origins went through development hell and the delays have damaged the project in many ways. Without getting into details, I proposed a viable plan to Titan, he agreed to it and now we are back working on the game at full speed!

We are working like crazy for almost a week now. Some of the things we did include:
Succogi's jump height, and how she moves. Jump and camera. VS portraits, Succogi stuck and double broom bug. Voms sex (Succogi) added. Alice spaceship movie. Toxic cloud splash sfx bug. Succogi's battle go faster as her health drops. Blue falling on platforms bug. Labs door links. Ucogi highjump fix. Ucogi has remnants of her old art in the game. Review the puzzles in the newlabs. Certain hazards kill the player. Blue sex scene added. Gold's fire. Mushrooms fruit delay. Particle beams. Many updates in Labs. Removed random hum audio bugs. Many bug fixes. 3d audio in fire and sprinklers. And Voms swing controls is now [Forward, Forward, Attack].


There's still a lot to be done, but if everything goes well, most of Voms' programming could be done during September. Then I can spend November finalizing some art, and during October, Titan could finish up the programming of the rest of the characters. Now, that's the best case scenario, as I would have to deal with a lot of art and animations, sfx, music, cutscenes, presentation, populate some levels and so on. So I will probably need another month or two to finish any remaining designs. But the main thing is that I would be working with Titan like the old days, without delays. And in the end, the game will be finally released!

Some of the things that remain to be done: Ucogi dressed, Alice's sprites, Alice Boss fight, Enforcers arrive cutscene, Gold and Okami sprite scenes, secret Ucogi sprite scenes, ending cutscene, puzzle levels, Stheno sex scene, a few bosses for playable characters other than Voms. Sfx, testing, presentation, bug fixes, better cheat menu.


There were plans to release a new Beta, but I decided to focus on the game's release. This might displease some, but due to personal issues, we need to rush and complete the game, with as few compromises as possible.

I hope I will have more good news soon! Take care!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

So much new stuff!

Last month I tested the game and there were many things I didn't like (see my last post). I tried to seek solutions to many of these problems, and it was indeed a very productive month. 

I don't get many suggestions or constructive criticism when it comes to art and design, so I have to rely on myself and be as subjective as I can. If we want to improve, then we should challenge any creative work, even our own. For example, when I was playing the game, I realized that Oak's background was just an uninteresting flat rock! Then I went to Forest B and I was like "wow this is boring! The graphics and the music changed but it's just another green forest with the same old platforms!". Forest C has also green trees (and some of them are wrong because they have trees from Forest A). And all these trees have zero parallax scrolling! Actually even now, the game doesn't have vertical parallax, only horizontal. (Titan was struggling with it but I recently found a tutorial, which hopefully will give us the gift of true parallax)

Old vs new Oak's stage sample

• New Art
Titan and the guys who did the level editing were struggling or they found that job to be a chore (Titan originally made the very first level using only code! I can't even fathom that). But now I know how the GameMaker works, and I can
level edit myself, in the quality that I want. I'd love to revamp the levels, even tho it may kill me - so much work!

I created/updated over 50 objects, that will hopefully breathe some new air into the game. These objects will replace some old ones, as they try to conserve game memory. This clean up is crucial, because many objects exist twice in the engine (a lot of early art exists as both normal and mirrored). In my updated art, Forest B has now orange trees and Forest C has snow near the mountain peak. And Oak has a lake in the background! (see image above)

A lot of art and plans that was made behind the scenes, got rejected and abandoned. And lots of older art is replaced. The containers for example, were used in every level, but they now appear only in Docks and Forest A. Other levels will have new kinds of platforms and obstacles, and you can see most of them in the following picture.  


• New map details
So yeah, even though sometimes it's hard to be self-motivated, my muse spoke and made me stay home, not to talk to anyone, and just work work work! I updated the map and I wrote down in detail which character meets who, and where. These meetings must have a certain gravity to them. When Voms for example meets Ucogi, they need to talk about important story stuff, not about the weather.

yes, my maps are crazy

• Hostage Puzzles!
Most of the areas in the game were left empty until now, in hopes of populating them with platforms that I would make in the future. I'm happy to say that I finished with the platform designs and I know what goes where for the majority of the levels. Major factor was my decision to turn each Hostage scene into a puzzle. 

I'm proud of what I managed to do there. It was a huge task and challenge, as all 33 Hostage puzzles needed gradual difficulty and the chance of resetting them, if the player makes a wrong move. I love the fact that these puzzles are not mandatory. You can ignore them and continue with your quest! 

As an example, check the image below. That's Forest C11 and if you remember, there was just a building and a tower. But there's a new layer of depth now! You think you can reach the Hostage?

Hostage puzzle in the snow

• Ucogi Boss updates
Regarding Ucogi, me and Titan had many exchanges. I made a nude version, he added it in the game, it needed a few fixes. I updated Ucogi, he added it in the game, but it needed a few more fixes. I 
updated Ucogi again, but Titan was too busy with other things. Right now I'm waiting on Titan, so that I can check and make sure she's as awesome as she should be. And then finally dress her up!

I also made several storyboard pages, as to how the Ucogi Boss Fight should be. We thought it was finished but what Titan had done was the bare minimum, and we had to discuss and come up with a few cool ideas. Titan's next task is to finish this Boss battle.

Ucogi Boss fight storyboard

• Tool lv3 attack
What else, what else...  I changed Voms baseball-bat move. You get that move with Tool lv3. You are supposed to repel projectiles by pressing [Down, Forward + Attack]. Personally, I prefer if that attack was a charging move, because it would be easier to time and pull, and many players complain about button input in metroidvania games and they rarely use them. If you have an opinion about this, leave it in the comments.

The baseball-bat move was a good idea but it felt to me that something was missing (A). So after a lot of pondering, I made the Tool's effect cover 360 degrees (B), and even though I haven't tested it yet, it feels like a great addition to the game. 

A) original                   B) updated

Regarding the upcoming Beta... you will have to wait a bit. I need to finish Ucogi and apply the new designs to a few levels, while Titan checks his to-do list. And he has a lot to do until we are ready for a decent release.

Pheww.... I think I might need a break during August. I havent been on vacation in over 3 years.
Thank you for reading about our progress and for being around! It means a lot.

- Veins


Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Ucogi & Beta progress

During the past few months we are working on several ends to release the new (and most likely) final Beta version before the release of MoGi Origins. Many decisions were made and a lot of work has been done, but we are not done quite yet.

Talking about the Beta and the release of MoGi Origins, we mean Voms' timeline. The other characters (Ucogi, Alice, Rudy, Chibi and Ninjuco) will be released as DLC, later on. Right now we want to Focus on Voms and the level design. The level design however is affected by other characters as well. So we had to finish Rudy and all 3 of her transformations back in March, and also finalize Ucogi this month. Their versatile moveset is crucial for the final design of many levels and they do appear as NPCs in Voms timeline.

Ucogi was a beast to make. She has about 200 frames, many unique moves and 3 states of undressing. And she has to look as good as possible! Right now Ucogi exists only naked for testing purposes. Once we are happy with the way she feels in the game, I would need about a week to dress her up, and make her presentable for Voms timeline. In total, Ucogi will have 600 frames!

All that said, Titan prepared a Beta for me to play and test, but there were many game braking errors and glitches that needed to be fixed. That's the cruel truth about gamedev... adding new things sometimes break old things... and many other things need to be updated or upgraded or corrected. 

I wrote over 7 pages of notes, for both me and Titan. Some are high priority, and some are low. But they all need to be addressed sooner or later, if not for this Beta, then at least for the final version of the game.

- Veins

Friday, April 30, 2021

Final Boss, final MoGi

We are happy to announce that Veins completed Stheno's design and animations. She is the last Queen of Voms' playthrough and the last MoGi enemy for Voms timeline! It is indeed a landmark in our game's development. I wanted to avoid spoilers but I also wanted to share how she would look like in the game and see your reaction. I hope you like her!

In the following video we reveal the animation procedure of her idle animation, frame by frame. She is the 29th Monstergirl that we made for the game (including extra MoGi enemies that don't appear in Voms timeline) and the 9th boss Voms is going to fight! We only show her idle animation in this video. She will appear in the game when Voms' timeline is completed and MoGi Origins is released.

We have been working on many more things in the background. Details that may not be visible to the player. We usually can only show the progression of animations and art, but let's not forget that the programing is the soul of the game. Sometimes it's hard to talk about it, since it's just code. And it's easier to point out what doesn't work instead of what actually works. Many of the videos I have upload is of work in progress where the programming mostly fails. A lot of hard work, knowledge, peace of mind and willpower is needed to program, let alone finish anything. Here's some small things that need attention that nobody would notice, but they would contribute to a better gaming experience and we consider them important. They may contain spoilers, or not appear in the game at all.

We also plan on releasing a new Beta soon. Probably next month if everything goes well. Veins still needs to finish Ucogi and a new cut-scene for that to happen, but we are very excited about this! 

Voms will finally meet Ucogi and Rudy and get to an entirely new area, the labs! A brand new MoGi will be introduced and we will add Troll and Vampire (+ZombieGirl) in the game as well! 

That's 4 new MoGi in total and we will merge the two current Betas to avoid any confusion. That means that the Story Mode and the Extra Modes (Time Attack and Survival) will be in the same package!


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Rudy's transformations!

The last few months we worked hard to finalize Rudy. We do plan to finish Voms' timeline first and then release all other characters. But it was crucial to finish Rudy in order to complete the actual level design. Rudy gains unique monstergirl skills during her story, and many levels had to be designed with these skills in mind. - Spoilers ahead!
Rudy in a nutshell:
She is the only playable character that shoots projectiles. She can get quite resourceful and hack doors the other characters can't open. Since every other character has short range attacks, we had to give Rudy a few flaws for the balance of the game. One of those flaws is her slow ability to climb platforms. To overcome her shortcomings, Rudy gains the power to project holograms and act like a MoGi. That means that she can have sex with all three of her transformations!
This idea came to us very early in the development of the game, when a fan expressed his wish to play as a monstergirl in this game. It was a great challenge to choose which MoGi she should morph into and an even bigger struggle to give these MoGi useful and fitting abilities. Each MoGi had to gradually give her the advantage that she needs and place each transformation evenly on the map.

Elf jumps higher than Rudy, Okami jumps further and Gold helps Rudy climb walls. Rudy is essentially 4 characters in 1 and each of her transformations has its pros and cons.

The video shows our test level where Rudy practices her new skills against a Soldier. Later on I have some fun in the Survival mode with Rudy. Rudy wont be able to play in Survival but I had to check how see performs against other MoGi. You might see some things going wrong in these videos but we try to address all of them, as this was recorded during our tests.

If by any chance you want to know more about the sex scenes, here are some of the details. Rudy's 3 MoGi transformations can only have sex with Soldiers. Each transformation has it's own Sprite Scene, and each scene is designated to a... hole! So we have oral, anal and vaginal sex to keep everyone happy! Originally we wanted the player to have sex with the Soldiers but that would break the flow and pacing of the game. So we decided that Rudy will create extra holograms to immobilize the Soldiers. 

Rudy's sex scenes are not a shoehorned fanservice but a well thought concept that has actual impact on the gameplay. The Soldiers are not only fierce but also immortal. Against any other character, they always stand up, seconds after they die! Unless you have Rudy. She is such a unique character!

As always, we are open for comments, questions and suggestions!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Ucogi Legacy

With the death of Adobe Flash, most, if not all of Ucogi's games stopped working in any internet browser. A friend of mine is working on a "wrapper", that would be able to run the game's I made over the years. That said, Ucogi games will have to adapt, or seize to exist. So, I had to think and work to preserve Ucogi's legacy.

I revisited my account in hopes to uploading and promoting my games. I'm uploading both .swf and .exe files (hopefully the .exe files will keep working in all computers). These games are given at a minimal cost and people who supports us on Patreon receive these games for free.

This month is a special one. It's the 10th anniversary of Ucogi's first Flash game, "Saint Patrick's Day"! That inspired me to revisit and upload the final version of the game here. But that's not all. As part or Ucogi Legacy, I started exporting Ucogi's original art in the biggest resolution possible! This is awesome not only for posters, but for any kind of merchandise! Depending how it goes I may to the same for more of Ucogi's art, but for now I welcome you to Ucogi's Saint Patrick's Store!

Just like in my page, most products are given at a minimal cost ($1 above their original price), plus you can get discount passwords and even customize the merch to your liking!  
Regarding MoGi Origins, I'm happy to announce that I finished SlimeGirl Blue, which means that all of the normal MoGi in Voms' timeline are completed! The Queens are not far off either, as only Stheno remains to be done from the bosses.

Furthermore, Titan has finished Rudy and her transformations. Rudy has access to very specific places in the map, due to her various platforming abilities, so now we will be able to finalize the levels! Also, we finished three new and original music pieces for the game!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

New Beta Release: Extra Modes! (v1.85)

We are happy to announce that a new Beta has been released! This is a special release since you won't be able to play the Story mode, but you can test your skills in the Extra modes!

Everyone with a MoGi Origins Beta access, can now play the Survival and the Time Attack mode! These modes would be unlockables in the game!

What's new:

    • Survival and Time Attack modes!
    • New MoGi to fight against: FairyGirl Troll, Vampire and ZombieGirl!
    • Updated sex scenes for BeastGirl Squirrel, SlimeGirl Black and RockGirls Stone and Gold!
    • New music
    • Additional sound effects for all MoGi
    • New menu design
    • So many glitch and minor fixes!
    • Voms is more flexible as he can now kick in the air and grab on ledges or use his Groundpound          move in the same jump!

Let us know of your thoughts, suggestions, and any bugs and glitches you may find! And thank you all for your support, emotional or otherwise!