Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Sunday, December 29, 2013

OffBeatr and New Demo

Mogi Origins Offbeatr:

If you haven't heard of OffBeatr it's a crowdfunding site for adult games.  Yes, we are going to try and crowdfund this game, and we know it's a difficult undertaking but we ask for your support.  This game has taken quite a financial toll on us so any help would be appreciated.

The New Demo:

  • Hardware - Main Download
  • Software - If you're having trouble running the game.
In this new demo, we've taken everyone's statements to heart and have made a considerable amount of modifications.

So What's New?
  • Creampie Animation!
  • SaveSystem
  • New AI
  • Faster Attacking
  • Small text changes to make the game easier to understand
We hope you enjoy the game!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MoGi Origins Demo

MoGi Origins Demo has Arrived

Download Link:
If the Game Is Running Slow Try This:

Alright so we're finally at a stage where we're proud to show you what we've been working on.  Comments are welcome whether they be positive or negative... or if you're trying to gloat about how many gallery images you found.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just A Little Longer

Looks like our aim for the end of November was a bit off.  We're really close to a demo, but I've realized one thing.  I'm bad at estimating progress time.  I'd say one or one-and-a-half more weeks till our first demo though...

Until then here's something to hold you over.


The actual resolution of the game will be 720p so this preview picture is scaled down.  We're both super excited to show you our progress, but you'll just have to bear with us as we try to make something presentable.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hero and starting level!

We have been doing a lot of work the past few months (planning, animating etc). We can now present you with a draft of the tutorial level.

We're aiming to have difficult yet fun platforming challenges but things should start off pretty simple.

Here's our hero... running.  Now the animation is complete so it'll probably look like this in the game.

Where's the demo.... well about that. We don't think we should show you anything until we're adequately satisfied with how it's presented.  Basically we're waiting till we're at beta before we show anything.  We've definitely reached and passed alpha though.  The game works. Voms can run jump, grab onto ledges, attack, and the adult elements are all in place. 

We're aiming to post a public demo before the end of the month. Until then wish us luck!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There's been a slight delay in the development of the game. We were expecting to have a demo out almost a week after starting the blog, however; as anyone who's following the blog knows... that hasn't happened. We're still working on the game, albeit slowly, and I cannot promise the date of the demo at this time. Please be patient with us as we try and release a demo we're proud of. Also, some people have sent me a good deal of great questions.

Questions Like:
  1. Will the game have all animated scenes?Yes.  All scenes will be animated.
  2. Will the game have a male protagonist?Another yes.  The game will have a male protagonist. 
  3. How many monster girls are you planning on having?At least 7 atm.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Starting

To tell you the honest truth this is my first time blogging so I apologize if it's a boring read. 

So I bet you're wondering "who the fuck are you guys and why should I be interested?" Well first thing's first. Stop cursing it's bad for your mental health, and second we're adult video game developers.  More specifically we are:

TitanAnteus - Programmer/Manager of The Almighty BLOG
Veins - Artist/Master of Ero

Ok that doesn't say much but hey, I can tell you right now we aren't particularly unskilled at what we do respectively. 

"Well how not-unskilled are you? "
Thank you random guy #4! You can view my previous works here. Some of those games are pretty old mind you and I can do stuff like this now.

"Ah well not impressive, none of those art assets are yours so you wouldn't be able to make anything I'm interested in."
Wow random guy #4 you're really pessimistic. I'm working with an artist and he'd be really sad to know you said that. Btw you can find his work here.

"... What are you guys going to be working on."
I'm glad you asked! The answer is whatever we feel like mwuahahahaha.
Our first project is well underway... the main engine is pretty much complete and I can tell you right now it's fun. We don't know the scope of the project yet. How many enemies/levels and whatnot but I can tell you right now... there will be monster girls!

In the future we might create an OffBeatr to push the game to newer heights.  If the time comes we'd be extremely thankful for your cooperation.