Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Donations... closed!

Donations of any kind are closed until further notice (we had no choice on the matter). When the donations button is active again, we will let you know in a new post, here. At this point we would like to thank you all for your support and patience.

MoGi Origins updates:

The game continues as normal and the Beta updates will occur when we have something solid to show. Titan is working on various things... he will try to have something ready for the near future. Veins is designing Brightown, the city of humans. We can't say anything else without spoiling the surprise but here's a draft screenshot of one of the most complex buildings! Enjoy!

Until then...
Merry Xmas everyone, and a Happy new year!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

X-mas cards!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Cards? Oh, yeah, games with cards...!
MoGi Cardfight, MoGi plain cards and Ucogi plain cards are finally released to the public!

Click on the images, check each game
and get a real life game of your favorite characters!

If you like card games in the vein of Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh! you will surely like MoGi Cardfight! Fight with Voms, Ucogi and every available MoGi in this 2 player duel game and destroy more Pumpkin-girls, Amanitas and Nekogals! The following video accurately demonstrates the game's mechanics and potential!

Notes: We greatly appreciate everyone who pledged for these card games in Offbeatr. Everyone should have their copies by now. As a token of our appreciation, everyone who pledged for any of these card games got a $20 present: the complete list of the Ucogi Games secrets! If some of you never got the card games or the Ucogi Secrets, please use the Contact Form and let us know. In that case, don't forget to mention your Offbeatr nickname!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Squirrel In My Pants! (Beta v.1.092)

What's New:
  • BeastGirl Squirrel appears! (and she is very naughty!)
  • Map! (press ENTER during game)
  • New versus screens! (non-adult mode) 
So about the Map.  If you have an item you need to use, the region you can use it in will be purple. Indoor areas wont appear on the Map.

We're currently working on the city.  Voms'll hopefully meet some of the other characters and the story will get a bigger push.

PS: Since the map is created as you visit new regions you're going to have to either start a new game or walk backwards to get the regions you've been to.  If you got the beta, use the link you've received prior to get the updated version.

PS2: We have changed the link recently. If you haven't got it, use the contact form to tell us your paypal email or Offbeatr account. Then we will send you the new link.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Boss Fight! (Beta v1.09)

I bet you guys have been wondering what we're up to.  Well, we created a lot of new stuff and we're planning a small update soon in the future as well.

What's New:
  • Bossfight - Meet PlantGirls Oak and Leshy! I dont find the fight too difficult. While trying to tone down my gaming instincts I hope she has the correct difficulty. 
  • 2 New Hostage Rapes - RockGirl Iron and SlimeGirl Orange. Orange is more suggestive than anything... she's the only hostage rape that appears when adult mode is off. 
  • 2 Bonus MoGi - PlantGirl Leshy and SlimeGirl Orange weren't supposed to be in the game!
  • 1 New Region - It's sort of a hub region, a lot of places will be blocked off to Voms and you'll see hints of places that are accessible by other characters.
  • Small changes to the Main Menu, credits screen and galleries.
  • The game is now a bit easier.

We hope you enjoy the game so far and that you like Oak's personality while getting to know Voms a little more as well.

PS: The cutscene after the fight will likely face some changes by the next update.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Maps & cards!

Maps: While working on the forest level and the first MoGi boss, we decided to share the current map of the game. The map shows the Docks and Farm levels from top-view which is a bit unorthodox in 2d platform games, but it helps visualize the concept of the "alleys". We hope the map makes sense and that it helps with your navigation in the game.

Cards: On another note, if you pledged in Offbeatr for any card games (MoGi Cardfight, MoGi playing cards or Ucogi Playing cards), then your card game is shipped! Everyone who gave us their details should have their card games delivered next week or so.

Around 6 people didn't reply to our messages and we don't have their address or details, so if you are one of them, plz send us an email (use the contact form) and don't forget to include the card game you pledged for and also your Offbeatr nickname. Otherwise we can't send you your game!

(Ucogi's nude deck is on hiatus at this point because MoGi Origins has priority as a project.)

If you are new here...
- Play the free demo! (click "Downloads").
- Get Beta access! (click "Donate")
- You got any questions? PM us! (click "Contact")
- You want to make our day? Post a comment below!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Helloooo Nurse! (Beta v.1.0746)

Greetings everyone! This is another Beta release!

What's new pussycat?
  • Neko, everyone's second favorite MoGi, is added in the game!
  • A completely new area (level 3), along with original music and new door mechanics!
  • The donation button is switched to dollars (instead of Euros). 
  • The Digital Megapack from OffBeatr is now available for purchasing.
  • The card games are ready (I know I received mine from Veins). We sent out an Offbeatr message to anyone who pledged for it, so please reply to that message or if you dont see a message, look for it in your spam folder or contact us.

The game's coming along nicely and more levels and MoGi will be appearing soon!
What's next? The next level and the first boss!

EDIT: Ok I'll just post this here since people seem to be a bit confused. If you got the beta, the new files should be in the same exact place. Just use the link you were given prior.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Small Update

Ok so there's been a small update to the Beta.  Lots of people have asked us to update it, even if it only includes an HD version of Neko's Hostage rape and cum scene, so here ya go.

What's New
  • HD hostage rape animation
  • HD hostage cum animation
  • New Controls in the Gallery (Left or Right = zoom || Up or Down = pan) 
  • 2 more rooms (pretty small) - 1 of them is a puzzle room.
  • Dialogue Changes (We would really appreciate any feedback here!!)
    1. The text that appears when you enter the first save room has changes.
    2. The big cutscene has a lot of changes.
    3. The farmer's dialogue in the second save room has changes.
    4. The second girl on the silo has some changes.
ATM, we've actually gotten a bit done on the next region and other enemies, but none of it is really presentable.

There's also been A LOT of optimization. We've moved to using the YoYoCompiler, are running on the newest version of Studio, and have decreased the amount of savefile read/writes to really make the game run better.  It was running at 60fps for me even on (power saving mode)! However, if anyone's having any problems running this game please let us know.

EDIT: We've added some simple support for gamepads. If you have a gamepad plugged in that the game recognizes it'll disable your keyboard inputs for the game(except for toggle fullscreen) and use your gamepad instead. I tested it with a 360 controller myself.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


survey services

We had a poll regarding the arrow that points at the alleys of the game. 
The question was: "What do you think of the arrow".

1) It needs to be more prominent (23%)
2) Leave it the way it is (31%)
3) Pin it to the ground near the exit (31%)
4) Get rid of it. It's ruining the exploration element (15%)
(200 votes)

We decided to leave it as it is for Voms timeline and remove it completely for the other playable characters. Thank you all for you time!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Beta v1.071 released!

We are happy to announce that the Farms are almost complete! They are now double in size, with more secrets to find, more riddles to solve and you can even save the first few MoGi-rape victims!

That's not all! We went back to the existing levels and added a few extra details... you know, like the revamped design of the warehouses' roofs! The game is more consistent and many bugs and glitches were fixed thanks to everyone's help!


As always, we expect your comments and feedback! We hope you really enjoy this new release!!!

Note: in this Beta, the extra playable characters (Chibi, Ucogi, Vor and Rudy) are not available.
You can still access Beta v1.0 and play as them.

If you are new here...
- Play the free demo! (click "downloads").
- Get Beta access! (by donating $30 or 22.41)
- You got any questions? PM us! (click "Contact")
- You want us to have a nice day? Post a comment below!

NOTE: You should delete your savedata when you start the newest version of the Beta. There's been a savesystem revamp. Also! Ctrl+P will take a screenshot of the game.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pledges, Donations and Rewards

Wallpapers and icons are delivered to those who pledged for them! They include all the characters, even those who didn't made it to the game! Enjoy all characters on their own and also in group images!

The game is progressing fine. For those who didn't get the last memo... you can press shift+left arrow to swap characters! You can play as Ucogi, Chibi, Rudy and Vor! Have in mind that their design and gameplay is still under development. Did we mention that some of these new characters have QCF moves? Just press down, forward and attack (or sometimes action key) to see what they can do!

If you are new here and you want to play the demo, click downloads at the top of the page!


There has been a little confusion lately, about pledges, donations and rewards, so let us try and clear a few things up. If you donated, we automatically get your email and soon after we will contact you with your reward details, once they are ready. If you just want to buy the game, wait until the game is done.

Missed the Offbeatr deadline? You can still Donate and get Beta access!
$30 (22 euro) = The game (when it's finished) and Beta access (with all the updates it might have) 
$18 (13 euro)= Beta access (If you have pledged for the game)
0$ =  If you pledged in Offbeatr and you got the game twice in the rewards (just let us know).

Did we forgot to give you your reward? Send us a PM and provide us with your info:
Offbeatr pledging: We need your Offbeatr nickname. Donation: we need your email.

If you want to donate use the donation button at the top right corner of the page. Anyone who makes a donation, will receive our response in 1 or 2 days max.


Team Erogi

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beta v1.0 is released!

Yup, the Beta is up!
If you donated for the Beta you should've received an email with instructions of how to gain access!

What to expect: The entirety of the farm's been designed all thanks to our resident genius Veins. Right now you can play about half of the farm, and although some things are not perfect, you can still enjoy some good platforming and some yummy mushroom soup... I mean sex! All that's really left is for me to program the second half of the farm as some minor details need to be added or corrected. During that time, Veins will work on more MoGi and level designs. Btw, there's finally some plot now yay! We threw in some extra things as well... but enough with the spoilers!

Since most of the playable characters have been programmed and a lot of stuff's been designed we're getting back into the meat of things... yum.... meat... but if you're a vegetarian there's plenty of pumpkins and mushrooms to feed an entire army! Now stop drooling and enjoy your meal as we get back to work on more MoGi!

EDIT:If you haven't done it yet, you should check your OffBeatr account if you pledged.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Progress

I know it's been a while but, we have been working.  There's been a LOT we've had to deal with in our personal lives, yet we've never let up on our progress in the game.

Currently everyone except Alice has been prototyped... Actually...

Chibi's complete.... and she's too stronk... gotta balance that... eventually.

About the beta.  We know that you want to see at least 1 new adult scene in that update, and we want to give you that... We were in the middle of designing a new region and doing the characters before so once the Farm region has been designed we'll work on Amanita's scene and release the Kraken... I mean... beta.  Please be patient with us.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Ok so it's been a while and I bet you guys are wondering about our progress.  At the moment we're simultaneously prototyping all the playable characters that'll be in the game: Ucogi, Alice, Rudy, Chibi, Ninja and Vor.

Here's a small preview of Chibi:

We've also been finalizing some of our MoGi:
Why do we need to prototype everyone instead of just finishing up Voms' levels? It's because the rest of the characters will use some of Voms levels and we want to add secret areas for them to reach, depending on their individual set of moves.  We must test each level with ALL the characters, and since they play differently it'll take a while to plan, design, program and test!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogger Contact Form

There's been a problem with my e-mail connecting to blogger.  Some blogger messages have been sent to my spam since I receive so much on a daily basis.  Due to this, there might be some messages I did not see.

If you sent me a message and I did not reply. I'm truly, truly sorry about that.  I make sure to get to any message I see, and it by no means, means I purposefully ignored you.  I implore you to send your message again if you fall into this category. I honestly want to hear what you have to say, whether positive or negative.

I've rectified this issue, but man... I did not foresee this.  I only found out because I was cleaning up my inbox too...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Challengers Appear

The New MoGi:

Ok, so some MoGi have been added from the $300 rewards.  I'll be listing all the MoGi that have been added here, and update this post with every new MoGi.  When it comes to positions, we're really not sure whether we should share that or not... Actually... we'll show the positions at the bottom but not who gets which.
Other information:
Succubus's color might change. It depends on the guy who pledged for her.

We're still waiting on some other info. When everything's been decided we'll make a graphic showing the complete cast.

  • Paizuri X 3
  • Reverse Cowgirl
  • Cowgirl
  • AnalX2
  • FellatioX2
  • Sitting Straddle
  • Missionary
  • Squatting Cowgirl
  • From Behind(Female Assertive)X2
  • Handjob
  • The Ship
  • Tied Standing Straddle

Sunday, March 16, 2014

2 days before the funding period ends!

The (same) Demo:  


Support MoGi Origins:

This was a great run everyone! We can't thank you enough for your support! Up to now we gathered $19,144 from Offbeatr and $20,600 from donations, reaching a total of $39744! There's the possibility that this amount of money may decline due to troll pledges and bouncing cards but let's be positive!

There is still some time left and you can all help if you find a couple of places to advertise MoGi Origins! Use the Cyclops wallpaper or any image and video  from Ucogi's MoGi shrine!

We have uploaded Ucogi's game SolitaireQuest in Newgrounds! It contains a few adverts about MoGi Origins, so if you can vote high of it and comment, it might get to the daily top 5, giving some exposure for one day. It might just be enough to help MoGi Origins reach one more stretch goal! Do your best because this is our last best hope! We can do it!

Thank you all for your awesome support and your wonderful ideas and feedback for MoGi Origins! Thanks to all of you, the game at this point, has 5 playable characters (perhaps Vor too if everything goes well), over 10 levels, and over 15 MoGi with sex scenes and several hostage-raping MoGi! Oh this will be the hentai game of the decade right here!

Monday, February 3, 2014

MoGi List Unleashed!

The Demo:

 Hardware Software

Support MoGi Origins:

Ask and you shall receive... well, sometimes!  We've posted this list in our Offbeatr Updates and people already have questions!
  • What's up with Turquoise and Bloodstone being shaded out... are they confirmed for the game?
    No. We are not into loli, plus in order to crowdfund the game, we need to make sure there is no loli content.  If they do appear in the game, they won't have sex scenes.
  • So are all the colored MoGi going to be in the game eventually?
    Unfortunately no.  These are the possible MoGi people can choose from with their "Choose a Mogi" perk or if we reach a stretch goal.
  • You know how Monster Girl Quest has a text-rape scene after the protagonist loses? Are you guys planning on having this type of Game Over text?
    Well we're planning on the game being multi-lingual (at least Japanese and English) and we'd probably have to pay the translator for that, so adding more text isn't really in our favor.  What do you guys think though?  Do you feel that aspect of the game is important enough for us to spend our time doing?

We added a paypal donation button, for those of you who really cannot use Offbeatr. That said, we would really really prefer if you tried to Offbeatr to pledge money, because it makes things easier and more transparent. If you use our donation button and contact us, we'll even give you the reward you want (if it's available) and try to keep track of it with the stretch goals... and by "try" I mean we will do so!

And last but not least, thanks to all of you, we managed to reach our 2nd Stretch Goal, the playable character Chibi-Ucogi! We got a little more than 5 weeks to raise the money for our next big Goal, Maid Ucogi! So, please, go out there and expose this game as much as you can. We need more people to learn about MoGi Origins and all together we will make an outstanding game!!!

On another note, which is your fav MoGi from the list? :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Funding Period Has Begun!

The Demo:

 Hardware , Software

Support MoGi Origins:

The funding period has finally begun and we're happy to say that our game is being received really well! Everyone's support motivates us beyond measure!

Even if you can't pledge, you can still help the game by spreading the word anywhere you can! More exposure means more support, and more support ensures the quality and the quantity of MoGi Origins!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pledging Info

So it seems as if OffBeatr hid our project until the pledging period starts.  We ask everyone to be patient until it comes back up.

Also we asked and got some new info about pledging so here's a list to recount some information:
  • You can pledge more than once but not on the same thing.
  • You only get what's in the description of the reward you pledged for. So for example, if you pledge $100 you can't get the $40 and $50 rewards.
  • The pledging period will last 60 days upon launch.
The Same Demo:
  • Hardware - Main Download
  • Software - If you're having trouble running the game.