Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

MoGi Madness

Veins here.

I have been working non-stop for several weeks now. Dealing with the music guys was a nice change of pace. We now have around 5 new music pieces for the game. I also looked around for new guys to make levels for the game. I found 2 individuals and 3 teams and are interested in helping us out for cash. I passed most of them to Titan to test them out, since he is the one who deals with the tech stuff.

While dealing with all that, I had to sleep odd hours, distance myself from the real world for days at a time, listen to music and focus on animating new MoGi. I managed to achieve a trance state without any psychedelic drugs, during work, for work. It was trippy... not knowing when it's day or night, and not caring what time I wake up or sleep... working with glasses, contacts or naked eyes also helped. It was something I needed, being at a super low point in life. This is how I cope, by being super productive. Anyways, enough drama.

Alraune, Troll, Vampire and ZombieGirl are the latest additions.
Most of them don't have sex scenes yet but they will, after a few new levels are released.

Since October 21, less than a month ago, I managed to finish Alraune's sprites, Alraune's Hostage scene, Cyclops upper and lower body sprites (yes, she is THAT big) Troll's sprites and Vampire's sprites. And ZombieGirl's sprites and sex scene. Well that last one is just a reskin of Pumping that will be used for a special reason in the game. Be excited at your own risk.

Part of why this Beta is taking so long, it's because of this giant monster!
Cyclops is the biggest MoGi in the game. Post suggestions for her sex scene!
We will release more details when each MoGi appears in the game, or if you cant wait, ask stuff in the comments. Titan is working on the next Beta release. We dont have a release date yet. The good news is that most MoGi are made, so Vom's timeline is not far from completion. A lot depends on the level-guys of course. Lets see how they do.

The playable characters Alice, Ucogi. Ninjuco, Vor
and their Bosses are also yet to be made.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A productive October

This was a busy month. The tower and a couple more levels are almost done. Titan is working on the multiple character save system and the new Menus. But you are probably want to know more about the sexy monstergirls so...

After long discussions Veins and Titan decided how Troll, Vampire and Alraune should behave and attack in the game. Veins has finished Troll's sprites and Alraune's Hostage scene. We will give this new animations on Patreon early in November, because the actual Beta will take a bit longer to be released. Out Patreon updates have caught up with the game itself, so this is actually the first time that we release sexy MoGi animations on Patreon never seen in the game before.

Until we have more to show, here's a little tease.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Challenging September

This month had a lot of ups and downs.

The ups:
Veins made a lot of progress on many secondary things on the art department.

- Additional menu buttons and layout.
- New NPCs (so that new players get better instructions regarding the first alley at the Docks, the farm fire, the farm key and also for a new e-weapon tutorial at the Docks.
- Environmental animations, such as seagulls, updated smoke and water reflections so that the game feels more alive.
- Animations for new interactive items such as the ENP station (gives 1ENP if you have none), wooden box explosion, ENP charger (Voms needs to shoot energy as the charger to activate a machine), machine that starts the fire in the Oak fight, and Grabbots (which are double platforms to replace the Waterbots which are single platforms).
- Plans for the upcoming levels and character interactions such as Vor and Alice's story.
- Additional level art (water tanks, water towers etc.)
- Working slowly on Alraune's HR and MoGi animations.
- The Succubus designs are almost done after talking to the guy who pledged for her.

The music guys also did a lot of good work. We have ended up having 3 music guys and 7 new tracks that will be added as new levels are made.
The downs:
No new levels yet. AD finished the Communications Tower exterior but the interior took him over 2 months and it's still incomplete. NR still works on the lever after Slime Girl Red (he got overwhelmed by real life situations).

Titan and Veins are having family/medical problems but they still try to do their best. Veins' mom is in the hospital... he cant animate MoGi at the moment (animation needs a lot of time and concentration) but he still works on some secondary game designs (see above) and various details while being there.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Steady August

August has really been a month of retrospection.

We've had a lot of new people come and play the game and give feedback to the point that we felt we needed to step back and look at our past decisions to make sure we're happy with them as well as our workflow.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive in those messages and so constructive. We really appreciate it.

We started with the main menu.

We've been asked about multiple savefiles before, and with future developments we have planned, we do plan on implementing this. The thing is, in the game right now, you can always go back. There's always a way to go all the way back to the beginning of the game. That means when people miss things they miss them completely. The range at which you have to traverse to handle puzzles also becomes vague and if we want to lock the players forward for a small amount of time we can't. Multiple saves should alleviate those concerns.

Visually we're working on the parallax of the backgrounds to be more noticeable. It's there but hardly noticeable right now. If you've been following us for a while you might've also noticed various resources being changed like the sprinklers early on in the game. Also, we now have a new guy working on the game building of the game (2 in total) and we are 1 level away from starting on the game's 4th quadrant.

Another big thing that's been really bothering us has been music.  Our game has no strong audio identity nor variety to say the least. We've been going around gathering more tracks for the game to give each area more of a presence. Veins talked to over 60 guys the past 2 months and he found 4 that already made 5 new tracks.

Regarding the gameplay, I'm too afraid to make too many difficulty tweaks. As a developer the game is super easy for me and the variance in player skill is extremely wide. I honestly don't know what values to really modify to make the game harder or easier for everyone. I was thinking of just giving Voms less health on harder difficulties and have the MoGi attack more aggressively or have more health, but finding the balance of values proves to be more of a challenge then I expected.

Logistically getting all this work done has been our aim as well as getting more MoGi into the game. When it comes to general eroticism our MoGi are special in how you handle them. They're mostly nude so the eroticism has to come out in the animation. It's nothing too big, but we've always been conscious of the lady jiggles. We hope you like the new MoGi when she's released.

Thank you for your constant support.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Diligent July

  • We are working on one of the most complex levels of the game, the Tower. It's almost as big as the city, and Voms has to interact numerous times with Chibi. The Tower has exterior and interior design and at the top, is where Voms calls for help (Ucogi and Alice anyone?)
  • The next MoGi and HR rape would be from Alraune, she will be ready during August.
  • We decided to add a 4th button on the controls, so that the sub-weapon wont interfere with the Tool's actions.
  • Some things need to be improved. Red for example, needs to have a 2nd phase and be harder.
  • We're fixing up a system where beta players can get to the newest content quicker.
  • Veins talked to over 60 musician for new music. A large percentage of them wanted to work for our game. We discarded those who didn't fit the style and those who were too expensive. We ended up with 11 musicians to test and 2 pieces are almost done. One of those is Alice's theme and soon we would have Ucogi's theme!
  • Titan trains a new guy to make levels for the game. Hopefully, we would have 2 guys working on the levels pretty soon!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Red Hot Chilly Beta! (v1.332)

Get the Beta by using the link you received upon purchase. If you lost it, use the contact form to give us your email.
If you played the game before, delete progress and data to play correctly some essential additions

What's new in this Beta
• SlimeGirl Red Queen!
• All 8 Sub-weapons are now added in the game!
• Voms can now use Sub-weapons standing!
• Cheat engine.

SlimeGirl Red
She is the 2nd boss MoGi we made so far. Two more Queens need to appear before her though, so we gave Voms a shortcut for the time being. She was originally programmed by JR and modified by Titan. Also, AD did his level, so this Boss fight is the result of the new upgraded team. Red's sex scene also has an original direction for this game, we hope you like it.

Also called E-weapons (E stands for Energy), are weapons that are powered by ENP (Energy points). Voms can use them while kneeling (Down+Tool button) and also while standing (Up+Tool button).
Some weapons spend more than 1 ENP but have stronger effects. Keep an eye for them and have fun!

Bullet: An energy ball is shot in a straight line. Costs 1ENP and does 1damage. 
Triple Bullet: Three energy balls are shot in the same direction but in different angles. 
BigBlast: A huge blast that causes 3 damage to all enemies in a straight line. 
Burst: An energy ball is shot in a straight line but explodes when you fire for a second time. 
Laser: Causes 1 damage to all enemies in a straight line. 
Beam: An energy beam is shot in a straight line and freezes all enemies for a bit. 
ForceField: Shield that protects from attacks and hazards for a few seconds. Costs 3ENP. 
Gas: Short range but deadly. Costs 2ENP and does multiple damage.

Cheat engine
If you are a level 3 (and above) supporter of Team Erogi on Patreon, you will get access to cheats like invisibility, infinite ENP, area teleport and unlock all sexy scenes, hostage rapes and magazines.

If you have any technical issues, feel free to contact us using the Blogger Contact form.

Alright, so regarding the whole new team business. To be honest, it was a lot harder to manage than we originally thought.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a barrel bug where the barrel dropper would not go and pick up a new Barrel.
  • Fixed a bug with powerups taking too much ENP on use.
  • Fixed a bug where an area transition took you to the wrong area.
If you come across any of these errors, redownload the Beta from the same link you used before and they should be fixed.

Latest version as of 5:27PMEST 7/5/2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things to come

We haven't said much for over a month, so here's what is happening behind the scenes:

Titan and JR were working on SlimeGirl Red and she is almost ready as a new boss. For that to happen, AD had to complete her level and Veins had to explain all of Red's moves to JR in detail. It was the first major cooperation of 4 people for this game and it was quite a challenge. Red has some problems but Titan is addressing them. Red will be appearing in the next Beta.

Furthermore, we decided to have Voms using the sub-weapons while standing as well (Up+C), so Veins was working on that animation and Titan was working on the remaining of the weapons. AD got married so he couldn't do any additional levels but he will be back in the game soon.

Also we will try to add Alraune in the game as soon as we can, after we are done with Red. Alraune is designed to be quite unique, compared to the rest of the MoGi enemies.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

RockGirl Chibi Beta (v1.322)

Get the Beta by using the link you received upon purchase. If you lost it, use the contact form to give us your email.
If you played the game before, delete progress and data to play correctly some essential additions
What's new in this Beta
• Chibi RockGirls MoGi!
• Sub-weapons and power-ups!
• New GUI design.
• Skymines
• Map and legend
• New areas and rooms (with surprises)
• Installer (you have the choice to install the game)

Chibi RockGirls MoGi
Thanks to our patrons we are having Turquoise and Bloodstone to the game. They are the only 2 enemy MoGi who don't have an adult scene but they help other MoGi to get to Voms.

Energy weapons and energy canisters
We also enriched the gameplay with 3 sub-weapons (out of the 8 that we have designed). Voms can now collect purple cans to power up any weapons he finds, making the fighting and exploration a lot more fun. ENP (energy points) are a fundamental mechanic in MoGi CardFight. We added ENP in MoGi Origins as well, because of Voms' lack of combat abilities, as implied by a few Beta players. Once you find a weapon press DOWN+TOOL to activate it. Some weapons spend more than 1 ENP but have stronger effects.

Bullet: An energy ball is shot in a straight line. Costs 1ENP and does 1damage.
Gas: Short range but deadly. Like a flamethrower. Costs 2ENP and does multiple damage.
ForceField: Shield that protects from attacks and hazards for a few seconds. Costs 3ENP.

To accommodate all the above, we upgraded the GUI display (graphical user interface) with new lifebar and icons. Any ENP you collect is indicated by the purple rhombus icon. The red bar is Voms' life. The white semi-transparent bar represents the bar that shows up whenever a MoGi has sex with Voms. It shows how close is Voms from cumming (losing) and like before, it drops as time passes.

A new mechanical enemy that moves on a straight line and explodes on touch.

New areas and rooms
The reactor room now has a new fighting challenge. Also some new rooms are added with riddles to solve and you may meet a mysterious new PlantGirl MoGi in there but mind you, she is kind of shy! Some previous rooms and areas have energy weapons and canisters, so go and have fun with them!

Alraune was the most voted MoGi in our Patreon poll, so she will appear in a hostage sex scene!


Titan here... hmmm... I don't really know how to start this. I caused a lot of pain for Victor and our fans(I do read those comments). I do want you guys to understand however, that I had absolutely no control over my situation. It's private so I won't go into any details but it left me in a position where I couldn't really work. Of course since I couldn't really work, I didn't take any money. All that money was saved up for the programmers we hired.

The situation's died down quite a bit, and I really got back into the swing of things in the last week, but that's not to say it'll last forever, so we're definitely not dropping our new guys.  Competence wise though, it was really hard to find people of my skill level. In fact, I don't think the people we've actually found are at exactly my skill level, but when it comes to balancing price and skill they're definitely the best.

Going forward we're planning on tasking them with the creation of Red the boss so you might actually see her earlier than expected. If they can make a boss together I'll feel confident knowing that if anything happens to me the project won't get stalled... again.

At the moment though, I'm pretty happy.  I can be active and push the project forward.  Victor's also pretty amped. You should see our Skype messages XD.  Either way, we're aiming for another update this month. One with adult content.

Regarding some technical changes. I've changed how the game draws a bit as well as optimized the loading system.  It should be more compatible with older machines and the actual sex scenes should run faster for everyone. Hitting the center's gonna be tough now... and of course there's the new installer.  People were deleting or moving folders they didn't know were important before. Shouldn't be an issue now.  

If you have any technical issues, feel free to contact us using the Blogger Contact form.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Patreon goal (poll) & new programmers!

Patreon goal
After a big bumpy ride, it's time for some good news. We reached our 3rd goal on Patreon thanks to our patrons and their patience. This means is that MoGi Origins will have a new Hostage Rape soon!

"Hostage Rape"? That sounds bad right? Don't worry, it's not that bad. In case you don't know or you forgot, Hostage Rapes occur in the game when a sexy monstergirl dominates a poor male citizen for sex. Anyone who supports Team Erogi on Patreon with $5 or more, not only gets the latest beta of MoGi Origins but can also vote for one of the following MoGi! The poll closes on April 10.

New Programmers
Veins was scouting for two and a half months for new programmers, since Titan is occupied with real life matters and he is unable to work on the game's development. After a long and exhausting search, we found AD who's tiling levels for about 2 weeks now (he made 4 levels so far) and JR who will be involved with the core programming. Titan will still be around providing help and insights and hopefully the project won't be stalled any longer.

Rejected co-workers
In our research for programmers, we came in contact with people who are frauds or incompetent. Hiring a freelancer is risky and some people should be punished, not only because they steal money, but also because others may lose their trust on freelancing or other online activities. We decided to not make public the personal info of the "bad programmers" involved, because we just want to move forward and leave this behind. Other than exposing these people, we want to describe the mess behind the scenes, justify the development time we lost and prove that we never stopped trying to make things work. So, here's a summery of what happened since February:

Bad programmer #1: We found a programmer who seemed competent at first, but as soon as finances got involved we saw his true colors. He just left a week later. It seems others have been duped by him as well and his freelancer profile is now gone.
Bad programmer #2 (company): A seemingly serious company wanted to take over MoGi Origins. However, they were generally incompetent and couldn't finish what Titan could do in 1 day in nearly 3 weeks. After many excuses and absurdities they ended up delivering absolutely nothing.

Escaping the darkness
After all this mess things start looking bright once more. We will try to release a new beta in the next few days. That beta will include the 2 Chibi MoGi and Voms' sub-weapons. Hopefully the updates will be more frequent from now on. We aim for a new beta release per month if everything goes well. Thank you all for your support and patience during our darkest times.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Game-changing countdown

Veins here, again, but with slightly better news to share.

As you may know, we had many delays and we were struggling to find a solution to this problem. Titan was preoccupied with personal matters for months. During that time I tried to keep my chin up and work on the game. Until I kind of cracked... I couldn't work alone while waiting for something to happen. 

Titan kept promising me stuff but everything kept failing so I decided to take things in my own hands. We agreed that we should have a new programmer, at least for the level design. Titan's friend never made any levels and another guy we tried to hire was a fraud and stole some money from us, without delivering anything (he has scammed others too, his account was deleted shortly after). 

I spent January looking around for other promising programmers. I found 4 and we decided to try one of them. The new programmer delivered a good looking level by the next day. Still though, it was 90% complete and it would need Titan to check it and place it into the game. It looked promising and I would love to hire even more programmers to finish the game sooner. Unfortunately, Titan was busy for almost 2 weeks and the programmer, waiting on Titan, wished to move on to other things. To me that meant that no matter how many programmers we have, Titan will always be the middle man which would mean further delays.

That brings us to last week. Titan convinced the programmer to work on our game some more. And he promised me that he can finish the Beta by Monday, which was yesterday (which is something I heard over 8 times since September). Right now I have no patience left and obviously this cannot go on like this for any longer. With the walls closing around me, I made a bold proposition to Titan: in my search for programmers, I found a company who is willing to take on the entire game. I can run things my self but Titan won't be able to program the game anymore. He will of course be around as a helping hand, whenever he can and we will use the Patreon money to pay them. Titan didn't like it of course, but he realizes that we don't have any other viable options. Sacrifices need to be made for the greater good.

So me and Titan made a bet. If by the end of February he doesn't deliver the new Beta and if he doesn't change somehow his life in order to be able to work on this game in a punctual manner, then we will give the programming aspect of the game to a company. So this is up to Titan now and the clock is ticking.

Either way, these are good news for the game itself. We found a company who can finish the game and we have the Patreon money to pay them. And it's a chain reaction: if the game is good and the Beta releases are often, then hopefully, more people will support us on Patreon. Then more content it will be made and the game will keep getting better!

Friday, January 20, 2017

In search of new programmers

Veins here.

Guh.. today I'm in such a bad mood... well I'm in a bad mood for several months now, and I feel the need to vent. I really hate it that we only had 1 beta during 2016. We tried everything we could to make this work but it became obvious that we need programming help. It was hard for Titan to admit that but there is no other way at this point. And that's fine, we make mistakes or we have to bow to real life pressures but we also need to strength to admit it.

I was so angry during xmas that I couldn't even try to write a post here. 2016 was a major waste of time. Actually for the past 2 months I was so depressed that I couldnt find myself to do any new art, waiting for a miracle to happen, hoping that something will change for the best. But nothing did.

So anyway, I knew we couldn't go on like that and I already feel bad for having a Patreon and not delivering anything for months. Titan found a guy to do some of the levels but again, 2 months have passed without any progress. I talked to a few of my online friends (Vortex00, Dorago etc) and suggested to me a few sites where we can hire programmers. They also helped me keep my sanity a little longer. At that time I had zero willpower, plus I was sick for two weeks, delirious from fever. My cousin came from abroad that week and we didnt even had the chance to play MoGi Cardfight!

Well, little by little I tried to force my self to wake up and take action. I posted an ad on some site and we got a few replies from programmers interested in the game. 6 programmers replied to me the last few days and I felt hopeful. But soon after my mood started to spiral downwards once again.

Yesterday, I was talking just fine with 2 of them about the problems they would face and all that. But when they realized that the game has sexual content in it, not only rejected the job (which is fair) but they also blocked me. I'm not a jerk to release their names but that's their Skype messages. Anyways, Guy #1 literally cursed the game it self. Guy#2 kindly rejected the job but he still blocked me in Skype all of a sudden.

I get it, they dont want to be associated with a hentai game. But what kind of professionals are they when they suddenly leave the chat and they block the person they are chatting to? They didn't even gave me the chance to explain myself: Voms has to beat (or avoid) the MoGi because they tempt him and slow him down. Voms also tries to talk the MoGi Queens out of resolving to violence. It was the very premise and concept of the game that the girls won't be victims. This is not a dark hentai game where girls get beaten and raped. It's quite the opposite here.. the men are victims of femdom!

Let's humor Guy#1 who didn't gave me the chance to explain myself. Let's see what Sexism means: 
1. Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.
2. The belief that one gender is superior to the other, especially that men are superior to women.
also, "relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex."

I really dont think those things apply to MoGi Origins. I don't see any discrimination apart from the fact that the MoGi are not human. Also, they force men to have sex with them, which makes them superior to men. Once you play the game it becomes clear that the MoGi attack first and Voms has to defend himself in order to save the island. If you look at the NPCs, both women and men wear same outfits and they all appear to be pretty normal. If that's not gender equality, I don't know what is! Guy#1 said he doesn't mind sex, violence and even racism. And then changes his mind and blocks me. Well if he doesn't mind racism then I should be the one to block him in the first place!

In any case, we got a few more proposals. One guy seems to be good and he is fine with sexual content but he is too expensive and the other guy... well we implied to him that we are making a +18 rated game but I haven't really told him that it's a hentai game. At this point I don't know if I should lie about it... These programmers would just do the levels, without any H-images involved. I don't want to lie but I want the job done! My head hurts dealing with all that... why life isn't any easier?

A true professional would do the job even if he dislikes the content, because that's what the definition of doing a job. Like the 12th definition of Urban Dictionary says: Job - Something I have to do to pay my bills, but seems impossible to do without some horrible physical or emotional consequence.