Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Starting

To tell you the honest truth this is my first time blogging so I apologize if it's a boring read. 

So I bet you're wondering "who the fuck are you guys and why should I be interested?" Well first thing's first. Stop cursing it's bad for your mental health, and second we're adult video game developers.  More specifically we are:

TitanAnteus - Programmer/Manager of The Almighty BLOG
Veins - Artist/Master of Ero

Ok that doesn't say much but hey, I can tell you right now we aren't particularly unskilled at what we do respectively. 

"Well how not-unskilled are you? "
Thank you random guy #4! You can view my previous works here. Some of those games are pretty old mind you and I can do stuff like this now.

"Ah well not impressive, none of those art assets are yours so you wouldn't be able to make anything I'm interested in."
Wow random guy #4 you're really pessimistic. I'm working with an artist and he'd be really sad to know you said that. Btw you can find his work here.

"... What are you guys going to be working on."
I'm glad you asked! The answer is whatever we feel like mwuahahahaha.
Our first project is well underway... the main engine is pretty much complete and I can tell you right now it's fun. We don't know the scope of the project yet. How many enemies/levels and whatnot but I can tell you right now... there will be monster girls!

In the future we might create an OffBeatr to push the game to newer heights.  If the time comes we'd be extremely thankful for your cooperation.


  1. Sweet!another h-game dev start up! you guys seems pretty experienced. Wish you guys luck on the project!I`ll keep an eye on this.

    1. Thanks a lot. We'll make sure to live up to those expectations :).

  2. So, you two are friends, or just guys who met online and decided to do this?

  3. great expectations you made to me!