Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ucogi in Tumblr and things to come

Patreon (soon)
He were hesitating at first and it took some convincing from our supporters, but Erogi Patreon is just around the corner! After much discussion, we ended up having 5 levels of Rewards and 12 Goals.

The Rewards would include giving away icons, screensavers, draft and HD images, and animations, and more. The Goals start off with the small addition of Turqoise and Bloodstone, both based on Chibi and they won't have sex scenes. The Goals however get more serious soon after, with 4 new Hostage Rapes, Nude Alice mode and 3 new MoGi enemies. The last 2 rewards would require a legendary amount of devotion but they are there just in case. More on that on release!

Ucogi on Tumblr!
Veins started an Ucogi tumblr page in which he shares some animations and sketches of Ucogi and the MoGi. There you will find Succubus' final design and some draft but funny and original femdom sex positions that may be used in MoGi Origins.

Succubus' original costume from MoGi CardFight wasn't sexy enough, so she had a lot of re-designing. But If you are following Ucogi's facebook page you already know about that! So easy to get lost in the social media world! Succubus' outfit #1 was the original one. The rest were various proposals. #4 was very popular but we decided to go with #7 as her in-game battle outfit.

Things so far and things to come.
Titan is about to finish 3 new rooms full of puzzles. When this happens we will release the new Beta. New MoGi won't be included since it would be a minor Beta update.

For the next Beta we will take a step back and try to perfect many existing issues, such as graphic glitches, dialogues, and we would add a new Queen. A lot of stuff have been made but they need to wait to be in the game (such as new NPCs, black and white soldiers, SlimeGirl Red and FairyGirl Cyclops). The following image demonstrates how packed the world of MoGi Origins is!

Completion stats
MoGi enemies 9/14 (64%)
MoGi hostage rapes
5/7 (71%)
Extra MoGi added: 8/15 (MoGi that weren't suppose to be in the game)
MoGi Queens (for Voms only) 2/8 (25% done)

100% drawn out
50% in game
50% in game
Story 99% done

We want to thank you all for your support, patience and help in finding bugs, glitches, throwing new ideas
and shaping MoGi Origins to the game is it today. This project wouldn't have come to life without you! 
As always, drop us a line if you have any problems or suggestions!


  1. First to comment!! yeah!! Slime Girl Black!!

  2. I really like number 4 for succubus design. I;ll be following you guys on tumblr and facebook. Liking Squirrel and Orc HR, mmm So good. Slime girl black is the best!! :)

    1. I'm glad you like Squirrel and Orc! I hope that by showing them... we didnt spoil too much of the game! The MoGi world has been quite a populated place!

    2. It's okay. Playing this game will be awesome when it is fully released, especially for non-beta players :D

  3. That's nice news to read, keep up the good work Team Erogi :)

  4. A quick question, I noticed that you have 22 mogi planned as enemies (normal enemies + boss).

    But in a previous post where you show what's planned I only see 21 enemies funded.

    Typo or is one of the additional mogi (that wasn't planned) a boss?

    1. Right now we have 14 MoGi+ 8 Queens = 22 MoGi

      If by previous post you mean "Progress and background info" then, there are 20 MoGi because we haven't added the 2 extra MoGi (Gold and Toadstool)

      But your math is flawed because (spoilers), Voms may not fight 8 different Queens, so lets not count them as new MoGi. Also, Ucogi and the others would have Queens of their own to fight.

    2. Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

    3. You are welcome.

      This is why we dont mix regular MoGi with Queens. and if you compare the two posts, this one says "MoGi enemies 9/14" and the other one says "MoGi enemies 6/12". We only added Black since then, but the total "MoGi enemies" number is not 12 anymore but 14 :)

  5. Any plans on doing additional hold animations like you've done with Slime Black?

    1. Having a grab was new, challenging and otiginal for this game. Having more mogi with grab moves is possible but we will probably avoid it because we want to have a variation of different attacks on the game.

      There was some discussion in the last post, about Red having a wrestling grab, but so far I dont think it fits. Orc might be a fitting 'grabbing' candidate and I hope she makes it in the game thats to Patreon.

  6. that was me! wrestling holds and grabs would attract more viewers and supporters IMO. appeal to many audiences is always best for business! not to imply you havent already done a PHENOMINAL job with the game....because you totally have!

    the holds i listed are just my favorites...look up lists of wrestling holds...maybe even UFC submission holds... there is so many of them. maybe one will spark some interest. thanks for reading!

    1. There is a minor thing that we left out. Its easy to forget that the game has a SFW mode, thetefore mogi in the game cant appear to have sex.

      I will do some wrestling sketches and post them in tumblr. Check it in a few hours.

      Btw, you may press the text/button 'reply' to reply to me and in order to keep our discussion on topic instead of starting a new paragraph ☺

    2. I posted the image. I still dont think that wrestling fits to Red. She was supposed to be big and slow raw power and is pretty much laying down most of the time. Wrestling would be more appropriate to walking/running MoGi that are fit and skillful in melee fighting.

    3. NICE! dude those are ideal for what i am describing.

      bottom line there is many styles of wrestling.

      High Flyers Fast Pace(Amarita Leshy)

      Powerhouses(OAK or Cyclops) Deal MASSIVE DAMAGE

      Submission SKilled(RED or Black or even my ultimate fetish a Nurse with Submission Skills) like Neko. you already gave me a sweet animation with her sexy move. love that.

      Brawlers(ORC comes to mind)

      could go on and on but thats basically the simple version.

      and doing a quick run down of your picture...

      Boston Crab...sweet man. at the end of the mini game...where Voms fails to escape..The Mogi must sit down slowly as his back is crushed.

      Body Scissors..cant go into more detail on this...thats a nice job. Squirm VOMS! hehe

      Sleeper Hold..Perfection. my preference with women and sleepers....add the scissor hold on top of the sleeper if he cant escape the mini game. lights out Voms.

      Camel Clutch ..abesolute perfection. following a failed mini game...Mogi sits down even lower. bye bye Voms!

      overall if nothing else ...i enjoyed checking your sketches out. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    4. Hey thanks :)

      Unfortunately I dont think that any of those moves fit Red's gentle character and attitude. But at least I tried. Also, we can't have Voms' back being actually crushed or have Voms' die. MoGi are not ill-willed and we try to avoid having deaths in the game.

      Thinking about it, the grab can't have a finish. The grab is followed by the sex scene where Voms can escape or lose. And those scenes have to be sexy, not kill Voms.

      Also another thing... once a MoGi appears in the game it's hard to go back and change it. The mushrooms, Oak and Neko are considered to be completed and we moved on, otherwise the game will never finish. Moreover, Red and Cyclops may not be in the game yet but they are designed and animated (grabs could be added though, but that would require more work and we need to be sure that they are worth it).

      Apart from Orc, Okami and maybe Troll (leg grab), the only MoGi that can used grabs could be Alraune, the snake-MoGi and the final boss (which can appear to be bad and break Voms).

      So, bottom line, all these are good ideas but they cause exceptions to the game and we need to think carefully before we try to go any further with them. We dont want too many grabbing MoGi either because that would make the game repetitive.

    5. Btw, you said "High Flyers Fast Pace(Amanita Leshy)". I checked that move and I fail to see how a MoGi that is stuck on the ground can have a jumping attack. That feels to be completely out of character for them. Elaborate if you can.

  7. High Flyer...i simply meant fast paced and moving quickly. thats all. no flying. sorry to confuse.

    and CRUSH Voms was a figure of speech.

    not literally kill him! lol.

    all said moves would leave him helpless...

    CRUSH and BYE BYE simply meant he is defenseless... but totally awake to feel forced pleasure by all attacking mogi.

    thanks for replies, i am enjoying our chats!

    i have had numerous talks with lots of game makers over the years but i have never convinced anyone to draw ideas for me. that was totally cool. it doesnt get more official then that.

    thanks again for your time!

    1. I enjoy our debate as well. If Orc gets unlocked via Patreon, I would love to make her have one or two of those moves.

      Of course I would need to chat about this with Titan. Grab moves may complicate things because there are other playable characters besides Voms. Although Black can grab Voms during her roll attack, she can't grab Ucogi and the others.. they cant only get hit by her roll attack. So, things are not that simple, we need to consider anything that might go wrong when we design peculiar moves.

      Having Black to grab Voms unlocked a new path to the game that I never considered before. And i think grabs is something that I haven't seen in another platform game as far as i can remember.

      A lot of ideas have been proposed by fans and we try to fit in the game as much as we can, but some ideas need their time to grow and shaped, so that the game is consistent and balanced. Some ideas however need to be discarded, such as Red grabbing Voms and jerking him off, because that cannot be shown in the SFW mode. That's why we had SlimeGirl Orange in SFW mode as a placeholder for all Hostage Rapes.

    2. Also, I still don't get how the mushrooms can be fast paced and moving quickly... or grab people. Lol I'm confused because they aren't wrestling, they just throw stuff.

  8. well in combination with the pumpkin girls walking near you...those little red dots come flying out awfully fast when your trying to dodge and jump at the same time.

    thats the best explanation i can come up with.

    ultimately i am happy GRABS in general have been inserted...thats a big step not just for my interests per say...but for more replay value for Mogi Origins.

  9. Any news on Vor? How's he coming along?

    1. Titan has programmed his basic moves but I havent got around to design him in detail. Thanks for asking, Im not too sure if people are that interested in him ☺

  10. I look forward to being able to rape the monster girls. I think you said he will only be raping the bosses. (Thank god Slime Girl Black not a boss :D ) I'm sure there are others that are interested in Vor.

  11. I want to see ass view of squatting cowgirl(cum in pussy).Please.

    1. OMG Veins please do this!! This is one of my top favorite sex position. I like dat booty jiggle when the butt makes contact with the body.

    2. I'll see what I can do about that :)

    3. Thank you Victor ,Vongola.

  12. How's the Patreon coming along? If I may make a suggestion, how about for the highest award, a patron could ask for a sketch request from you? Obviously there would be limitations, such as how often they can request or how many patrons can take up the spot at any given time. If it would be too much hassle for you I understand, just something I thought I throw out there.

    Also, will there be any Patreon exclusive pics? Or will they be available elsewhere at a later time?

    1. Patreon is 1 click from being published but Titan needed some time off (personal matters) so we postponed it.

      I tried to avoid rewards that will take me away from the game itself, so no, I won't take requests. There would possibly be however exclusive art, such as Ucogi's nude images that so far can only be found in Ucogi's Nude Deck.

      Ok, let me tell you what I have so far, in case anyone has questions or corrections.



      Pledge $1 or more per month
      - Get a draft sketch each month.
      - Get a draft gif animation each month.

      Pledge $5 or more per month
      - All the above
      - Get all MoGi desktop icons.
      - Get a MoGi mobile phone wallpaper each month.
      - Get Beta access (reach $30 to get unlimited beta access and the game when it’s finished)
      - Poll participation for:
      “new HR MoGi” Goal.
      “new MoGi” Goal.

      Pledge $10 or more per month
      - All the above
      - Your name in the credits.
      - Get cheats like invincibility and unlock gallery.
      - Get 5 wallpapers and 1 screensaver with MoGi or Ucogi girls for PC, each month (they repeat after 6 months).
      - Reach $30 to get Digital poster "Angel Ucogi & Devil Alice" with Veins' signature.

      Pledge $15 or more per month
      - All the above
      - Add an e-panel message in the game (limited)
      - Get HD MoGi art (images or gif animation), each month.
      - A HD NSFW Ucogi image from the Nude Ucogi Deck, each month.

      Pledge $20 or more per month
      - All the above
      - Name a random NPC in the game.
      - Get´s secret menu and Ucogi Game secrets.
      - Get a sexy random MoGi flash (.swf) animation from the game, each month (limited).

  13. why you guys even on patreon there is no way you can make monthly updates your progress so slow it be a wonder if we get to see another beta release around christmas.

    dont even sure iv this ever gets done or ends up like that breading season patreon ripof

    and to be true i also dont even care anymore,,,

    1. Your words hurt but I totally understand them. Lately I was at a bad place myself and felt the same way even about the game itself.

      I have made art and animations that are a year old but due to various unfortunate events, Titan hasnt implemented them in the game yet. This also hurts but it doesnt have to do much with patreon.

      In patreon we will give away things that are already completed. That was the original idea, to give rewards that wont take away time from making MoGi Origins.

      That said, we wanted to have some extreme stretch goals such as sex scenes of all the enemy MoGi with Vor, Ucogi and Alice if we reach a good number of patreons. But Im second guessing this because of the things you said. And also this project took long enough and we would need to move on to new stuff eventually.

    2. well, you can allways add these goals later, once the firsts goal are reached

    3. Wait Veins... Let me clear things up. You wanted to add sex scenes for Ucogi and Alice? If so. That would be incredible.
      Look, it is harsh and it is true, but you cant let these things put you down. This is the game you have been looking for doing your whole life, with your own OCS. Do your best you two, add whatever you want and take your time. You wont regret doing a half assed game later.
      What do you think? I am eagerly waiting for you to open your patreon so I can grab one of those limited rewards. I want more stuff from Team Erogi, I love this game, please dont feel bad, I well get emoticons too... Lets have everything in. Be it Naked Alice or more sex!

    4. Please Team Erogi, dont give up!
      Dont feel like that Veins!
      I am waiting for your patreon too... Do it! Just Do it! LOL
      Have the extreme rewards, I am sure it will bring the masses to see what the ucogi creator can cook up with his OCs on original sex art.

    5. Veins and Titan, please liste what i have to say. I am a high founder from offbeatr and for sure a high tier on patreon when it releases.
      Its harsh to hear that, yeah it is, but you cant let that make you feel bad and make you work on your worst spirits man or the game wont turn out as it was supposed to be.
      You have to grow a thick skin for these comments, internet is just mercyless man. I know that, you know that, it sucks.
      People dont care about feelings man, if you are doing something you love or anything, they just crush it and go to sleep well at night. They just want the game and forget the team or person behind it, It pisses me off, but i accepted that as how it is, its just life, not just the internet. So you cant let that get to you. Please don’t let that happen to you guys.
      You need to take all the criticism good, bad, harsh, mercyless and even troll and redirect it as construtive criticism, they are losing on it, the game will be awesome if you keep going as you are now and if you improve from their shit it will get even better.
      So yeah, I am all for the patreon and the extra stuff you plan to release. I welcome Ucogi and Alice sex with open arms and legs. Be strong guys.

    6. Aw boys, dont be like that, you will make me sad too (˃̩̩̥ɷ˂̩̩̥)

      I love your game and I am waiting to play as a girl in it, I had accepted truth It wasn´t possible to have sex as a girl. But after that small little phrase a shine of hope struck my little pervert heart O(≧▽≦)O

      I want to be a badass maid or kickass as alice and rudy and if because of the fate poor me is defeated... fufufu ( *’ω’* ) well... i will need a shower after that, tehehe (n˘v˘•)¬

      So cheer up! I will leap back in the shadows, but i will be cheering from there, nya! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

    7. Thank you all for the positive replies. It is true that this is the game I have been looking of doing my whole life. Thanks for reminding me :)

      I will expand a bit on the sex scenes about Vor, Ucogi and Alice, since you seem to like what I revealed.

      As you may know, we try to make a good game while including as much sexual content as we can. We have HD animated sex scenes and sprite animations. But for Voms and the citizens these scenes are all femdom - the girls are in charge.

      Vor on the other hand, will have maledom sex - he will get the strongest of girls and fuck them. And those would be any Queens he may encounter. Now we want to use Patreon to expand on this idea and have Vor fuck all the enemy monster-girls. The current MoGi number is 14 but we have 3 Queens to fight and 3 new MoGi enemies to be unlocked before Vor's stretch goal in Patreon... that's a total of 20 sex animations for Vor!

      The same goes for Alice and Ucogi... they will have 20 lesbian animations (one for every MoGi) if their reward is reached. That is a huge task but I can do those animations while Titan is finishing his programming. Alice and Ucogi will have the same Body but different head.

      To sum it up, for Vor and the girls I would have to make a total of 40 animations! This wasnt in the original planning and if I make an animation per week I would still need 40 weeks to finish! The game can be released without those scenes, but having them can be really sweet. In order to be able to do such a colossal amount of work, we need further financial support. And that's what Patreon is for.

      Either way, I'm starting to feel positive once more, thank you guys and kittens! :)

    8. Ya, don't let people like Decker get to ya. I know you and Titan are working hard to get this game done and I know this will be the best Monster Girl game in the market!! I too will leap back in the shadows and support yall from there. :D


    9. It's good to see you back on track, I was worried for a moment, I look forward to be able to support you even more on patreon and chating with you :)

  14. NekoKittyGirl, I'm curious... you wanted to play as a girl that gets raped by girls or as a girl that gets raped by men? What you wrote can imply either of those 2 things!

    1. *a wild kitty girl appears*
      I am so happy that my comment was read by you Vein´s Senpai! \(*T▽T*)/
      Well, actually I swing both ways, tehehe~ (n˘v˘•)¬
      I would LOVE to be raped by soldiers or other men as a girl (Ucogi or Alice) *bites lips* (๑✧∀✧๑)
      I am all mighty strong Alice defeating every mogi and soldier i find in my path mercilessly, but oh no! They just keep coming and I am getting out of HP overtime... I find myself suddenly naked and defenseless on the floor... Mr Soldier, Whar do you plan to do to me?? *blushes as watches the next animation* nyaaaaaaaaaaaan~ ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡
      But! If that is too much of a strech, I am ok having monster girls all over me, fufufu~ (* >ω<)

    2. Oh, silly me, pardon but i mistyped a lot at the end of the text, i was all lustfull as the end, nya~~ ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡
      A girl can get out of control fantasizing too, tehehe (n˘v˘•)¬

    3. No worries NekoKitty! Ucogi and Alice will only have lesbian rapes if we reach that extremely high goal. But there is a lower goal, notoriously named "Naked Alice Mode" in which we plan of having 3 male types. Those guys will fight against Alice and rape her im case she fails. So yeah, male sex is on the table! xD

  15. Two things:

    1) Kinda wish there was a game where every kink fetish could be included or excluded based on user preference. As it is though, short of text based games it gets messy to do. Also sorry for being more bland, but my own bias is that the game not have gender changing components especially if it is autogynephilic in nature that or have it optional. I just can't seem to deconstruct my squick reaction enough to not react to it. Also, might try Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space if you haven't already.

    2) On a separate aside, I really want to be encouraging though I am finding it increasingly difficult lately. I have to admit the latest patreon has me a bit concerned as unless the project is in significant need of money; it feels like a stopgap measure for funding that promises additional content that would likely further undermine primary production. It's also worrisome that that unless I am mistaken the puzzle maps have yet to be released after several days have turned into far longer than that. I know that there have been a myriad of bugs and that production has been nonlinear; though that justification is losing its integrity. Not sure if it is life distractions, avoidance, or redesigning the game platform to do something it wasn't originally made for; though I have to say if it's not the last one; I think it's time to hit the grindstone hard. I know I made a lot of assumptions, and this is a biased perspective, but I hope you understand the gravity of my concern and those like it. If it can be alleviated; though I think we need a substantial Goku powerup at this point.