Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Dreams and reality

Hello everyone.
This is Veins and I hope you are all healthy in this global lockdown.

It has been almost 4 months since our last post, due to many reasons... the pandemic, family problems, computer problems and so on. Up to know, we barely even let a month pass without a post. While Titan was here we were very hyped and working nonstop for 2 months. After Titan left, we had the Coronavirus outbreak and I kept staying at home, but this time I felt overworked and exhausted... symptoms of burnout. I was locked in my own house for much longer than I planned and in need of a break. I haven't been on vacation for over 2 years, and all these small things combined...took a toll on me. Also, it's hard to manage such a big project, let alone have every story and detail in my head for 8 years. I tried to learn Spine, in hopes of having better quality animations in the game, but mixing different programs and animation styles in the game was too much to handle at the time. Moreover, since Titan taught me how to use GameMaker, I took on some more work, like the level tiling, which I guess it felt overwhelming after I let it sink. So, I needed some time away from the game.

The break I took was necessary and distancing myself from the game made me see a few things with fresh eye. MoGi Origins is a game I wanted to make for a long, long time. But as much as anyone may like something, at times it may be hard to be excited and motivated for an extended period of time. So I had to recharge my self in order to get back and deliver everything we promised. That said, we might have to make a few compromises otherwise this project will drag on forever. I'd like to talk about these things and see how you guys feel about them as well.

A while ago I wanted too much from the game, like background changing according to the time of day and rain or laser particles. Titan told me no, reminding me that I have to have my feet on the ground. Indeed, if we keep adding things, we will never finish the game. That is true for other things too.

Rudy: Originally I wanted Rudy as MoGi to have sex with the Soldiers, but after talking with Titan about it, we decided that Rudy should make a random MoGi replica (depending on the MoGi she has unlocked) that would immobilize the (immortal) Soldier. That way Rudy's game play would be faster, as she wont be occupied on her own, but instead, create "hostage scenes" on the levels. Rudy will transform to Gold, Okami and Elf and these MoGi will perform handjob in 69 position, vaginal sex and oral sex respectively.

Vor: His timeline, gameplay and programming was planned but we decided to exclude him as a playable character. By the time you unlock him, you would have already play the game 6 times. He would have been god-mode, but Ninjuco is also god-mode and more fun to play as. Also with Vor, we would have to design new bosses, and we'd rather spend our time improving other aspects of the game.
There was no way we can make Vor have sex with every MoGi out there, so we would have to limit his sex scenes with the Queens. And the worthy Queens for Vor are all giants, which is repetitive and not as sexy as more casual maledom sex. Actually I tried to find animators to help me with Vor's scenes, but we decided against that, after having trouble with many others that were involved helping us with the game.
Vor was an extra character that we wanted to add as a matter of good will, since he wasn't reached as a goal in Offbeatr. But, we decided that Vor should be an NPC. The good news is that while Vor won't be a playable character in the game, we will give "his" sex scenes to other characters. There would be some NPCs in Ucogi's and Alice's timelines that would have sex with MoGi, making their stories a bit sexier and hopefully more interesting to play.

Levels: There are a few levels that I want to update with new graphics, parallax scrolling and new platforms. The game feels too horizontal and I will try to tweak that a bit. If you have the demo, then you have played about half of the game. If you have any suggestions regarding the level design and graphics now would be a great time to tell us your thoughts. I have to sort out the resources anyways, so that the game loads faster, and while I'm at it I may as well start polishing the game. If you have any complains about anything that you see in the the game, now would be the best time to speak up!

The project is near it's completion, for Voms' timeline at least. This is more wishful thinking than a promise, but... if everything goes well, we can release Voms before the end of 2020. Thank you for your support, understanding, feedback, and stay safe!


  1. I understand what you have gone through to make this game happen and I don't care what others think. I'm glad you are close to releasing this.

    Keep this in mind, you can always add and perfect the game even after it's release. I would love to see additions if you still want to do something like that, but I can't wait just for the whole game in general.

    Glad things are getting better now and I hope you continue on forward with your head up high.

    1. The plan is to release Voms first and the rest of the characters later on. But I'd rather have the levels and most art finalized and not release a half-assed game, especially after all this time.

      That's why the pressure is big. And that's why I want to be done with certain aspects of the game, so that I can put them behind me, and then focus on other things that needs to be done. Doing everything at the same time can be overwhelming, therefore I need to compartmentalize my priorities and deal with them one by one.

  2. Thank you so much for making it without giving up. You must have been under a lot of stress with the Corona virus or eight years of development. I'm glad to hear that it can be released within this year.

    But we just don't want a perfect game. We just want a complete game. You can solve the problem by updating it. For example, you can add Vor through an update instead of adding it immediately.

    Honestly, it's sad. It's not a promise but a wishful thinking that you'll be releasing it before the end of 2020. Of course, you guys haven't given up for 8 years, so I don't have any doubts about the release. But at least we've been waiting for at least 8 years, and I hope you'll let us wait while playing a demo until the release. If that's hard, We don't mind a few sex scenes.

    And personally, I want to translate this game into Korean. I want to promote this fun game in Korea. If you're interested, please comment.

    1. "But we just don't want a perfect game. We just want a complete game." I like that.

      After all this time, as an artist, I feel like I could do better with graphics. I mean, in the farms, most plants are supposed to be bio-enchanced, so why have them be plain green? I'd like to change them and have beautiful wicked colors there, but just the concept art and palette would take a lot of time to feel just right. So I would just have to ignore that artistic insecurity of mine. Nothing wrong about doubting yourself and wanting to be better, right? :)

      Vor is not just Vor. His programming and story is done but we would have to create so much more for him, like Bosses and story dialogues and events... I took guts from me to ask Titan to discard Vor, but it the end it feels right for the game. His sex scenes wouldnt even look sexy because he would only fight the largest most monstrous MoGi. I think it's better to have NPC sex variety (such as a lesbian scene, and a guy giving blowjob to Daizy), than have Vor fuck giant monsters.

      Korean translation sounds awesome! If you can click "contact us" to give us your email, that would be pretty sweet, thanks!

    2. I sent an email. Check it out.

  3. "If everything goes well" So by 2022 if we're lucky?

    Still no Patreon post either

    Honestly its extremely hard for me to view this as anything but money grabbing at this point. I want to believe you guys mean well, but you just aren't showing it.

    1. I'm working on the Patreon post. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy to just sit and answer to messages, discussions or even phonecalls. And social media tend to make us lose focus. But I still do all I can to please as many people as I can.

      Even if you view this game as a money grabbing scheme, I hope that you can see that we still care about the game and that we do show our progress. And I hope you like Elf, she is brand new.

      The easiest way I can think of, to prove to you that we are not money grabbers, is to work and present our progress. If you can suggest another way, I'm all ears.

    2. Please don't bash this guy, he is working hard, what have you developed? Blogs are places for kind words and emotional support

  4. Is Ucogi a playable character with ero scenes in the game so far? If not, are you willing to release her in some time in the future?