Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Rudy's transformations!

The last few months we worked hard to finalize Rudy. We do plan to finish Voms' timeline first and then release all other characters. But it was crucial to finish Rudy in order to complete the actual level design. Rudy gains unique monstergirl skills during her story, and many levels had to be designed with these skills in mind. - Spoilers ahead!
Rudy in a nutshell:
She is the only playable character that shoots projectiles. She can get quite resourceful and hack doors the other characters can't open. Since every other character has short range attacks, we had to give Rudy a few flaws for the balance of the game. One of those flaws is her slow ability to climb platforms. To overcome her shortcomings, Rudy gains the power to project holograms and act like a MoGi. That means that she can have sex with all three of her transformations!
This idea came to us very early in the development of the game, when a fan expressed his wish to play as a monstergirl in this game. It was a great challenge to choose which MoGi she should morph into and an even bigger struggle to give these MoGi useful and fitting abilities. Each MoGi had to gradually give her the advantage that she needs and place each transformation evenly on the map.

Elf jumps higher than Rudy, Okami jumps further and Gold helps Rudy climb walls. Rudy is essentially 4 characters in 1 and each of her transformations has its pros and cons.

The video shows our test level where Rudy practices her new skills against a Soldier. Later on I have some fun in the Survival mode with Rudy. Rudy wont be able to play in Survival but I had to check how see performs against other MoGi. You might see some things going wrong in these videos but we try to address all of them, as this was recorded during our tests.

If by any chance you want to know more about the sex scenes, here are some of the details. Rudy's 3 MoGi transformations can only have sex with Soldiers. Each transformation has it's own Sprite Scene, and each scene is designated to a... hole! So we have oral, anal and vaginal sex to keep everyone happy! Originally we wanted the player to have sex with the Soldiers but that would break the flow and pacing of the game. So we decided that Rudy will create extra holograms to immobilize the Soldiers. 

Rudy's sex scenes are not a shoehorned fanservice but a well thought concept that has actual impact on the gameplay. The Soldiers are not only fierce but also immortal. Against any other character, they always stand up, seconds after they die! Unless you have Rudy. She is such a unique character!

As always, we are open for comments, questions and suggestions!


  1. I think I bought the access to the secret website menu a while ago, but it's not loading now.

    1. Yes that's true. I had to redesign because Ucogi's Flash games weren't playing on any browsers anymore. I removed the site's secret menu because it was a 10 year old idea and I assumed that by now everyone would have forgotten about it.

      You are the 2nd guy to bring this to my attention