Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Monday, July 31, 2017

Diligent July

  • We are working on one of the most complex levels of the game, the Tower. It's almost as big as the city, and Voms has to interact numerous times with Chibi. The Tower has exterior and interior design and at the top, is where Voms calls for help (Ucogi and Alice anyone?)
  • The next MoGi and HR rape would be from Alraune, she will be ready during August.
  • We decided to add a 4th button on the controls, so that the sub-weapon wont interfere with the Tool's actions.
  • Some things need to be improved. Red for example, needs to have a 2nd phase and be harder.
  • We're fixing up a system where beta players can get to the newest content quicker.
  • Veins talked to over 60 musician for new music. A large percentage of them wanted to work for our game. We discarded those who didn't fit the style and those who were too expensive. We ended up with 11 musicians to test and 2 pieces are almost done. One of those is Alice's theme and soon we would have Ucogi's theme!
  • Titan trains a new guy to make levels for the game. Hopefully, we would have 2 guys working on the levels pretty soon!


  1. That's cool, I'm looking forward to play all this in the next update :)

  2. Do I see the Cyclops MOGI down at the ground?
    Will she be part of that section or is she just there for scale?

    1. True, that's Cyclops. She will appear there at some point, possibly in 2 Betas from now. I have only made her upper half so far. She will be a huge Queen :)

  3. Glad to see us beta users are getting a short cut of some kind! thanks

  4. Nice update. Thanks!

  5. Keep up the good work!