Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Steady August

August has really been a month of retrospection.

We've had a lot of new people come and play the game and give feedback to the point that we felt we needed to step back and look at our past decisions to make sure we're happy with them as well as our workflow.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive in those messages and so constructive. We really appreciate it.

We started with the main menu.

We've been asked about multiple savefiles before, and with future developments we have planned, we do plan on implementing this. The thing is, in the game right now, you can always go back. There's always a way to go all the way back to the beginning of the game. That means when people miss things they miss them completely. The range at which you have to traverse to handle puzzles also becomes vague and if we want to lock the players forward for a small amount of time we can't. Multiple saves should alleviate those concerns.

Visually we're working on the parallax of the backgrounds to be more noticeable. It's there but hardly noticeable right now. If you've been following us for a while you might've also noticed various resources being changed like the sprinklers early on in the game. Also, we now have a new guy working on the game building of the game (2 in total) and we are 1 level away from starting on the game's 4th quadrant.

Another big thing that's been really bothering us has been music.  Our game has no strong audio identity nor variety to say the least. We've been going around gathering more tracks for the game to give each area more of a presence. Veins talked to over 60 guys the past 2 months and he found 4 that already made 5 new tracks.

Regarding the gameplay, I'm too afraid to make too many difficulty tweaks. As a developer the game is super easy for me and the variance in player skill is extremely wide. I honestly don't know what values to really modify to make the game harder or easier for everyone. I was thinking of just giving Voms less health on harder difficulties and have the MoGi attack more aggressively or have more health, but finding the balance of values proves to be more of a challenge then I expected.

Logistically getting all this work done has been our aim as well as getting more MoGi into the game. When it comes to general eroticism our MoGi are special in how you handle them. They're mostly nude so the eroticism has to come out in the animation. It's nothing too big, but we've always been conscious of the lady jiggles. We hope you like the new MoGi when she's released.

Thank you for your constant support.


  1. Woo first! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Keep it up! Thanks for the regular updates!

  3. You guys are great1 Just keep at it, but becareful not to burn yourself out when you're reinventing the wheel.

  4. Keep it up guys :) Looking forward to what's to come!

  5. Hi guys
    just wondering how do I access the cheat engine? I donated about $90 in total back in the day, I also remember the reward also being a digital guidebook deluxe or something. How to I access the guidebook, and how do you distinguish between those eligible for the guidebook/cheat engine if we all use the same beta download link?

    1. The cheat engine is a secret, given only through Patreon, as a specific level reward. But yeah, you are right, I need to start writing the Guidebook, and release it even partially for now, since the game is not finished yet.

      The beta link, the guidebook and the cheat engine are different things. Each beta has the cheat engine, but you cant access it without the instructions. The guidebook will be sent by email (we have all the info) and will have the cheat engine instructions. And the Patreon people get the cheat instructions through Patreon.


  6. Although we are trying our best, I'm not sure if we can have a Beta release this month, because no new levels were finished. So, I feel the need to mention some of the things we are working on.

    AD is working on the next level, the Communications Tower, since July. That level is huge and hard and Titan would still need to go though it an program some cutscenes. NR also works on the "after Red" level.

    Me, I made a lot of new progress. I made new NPCs to guide new players better in the farms (for the first alley, the fire, the farmers key and the weapon tutorial), I made the ENP charger (sometimes Voms will need to shoot energy on that slot to activate it, which will also shown in the tutorial), the ENP station (gives Voms 1ENP if he has none), new platforms such as "water tank" and "water tower", animated seagulls (so that the island looks a bit more alive), a machine that will be placed in the wooden box before Oak (which will start the fire), dust and pieces animation when the wooden box breaks in general, additional menu buttons and portraits for all characters, Grabbot finalized (it will replace some of the Waterbots), updated smoke animations (for the farm fire, the current one looks bad). Right now I work on Alraune's HR animation and redesigning the new and old Labs. I also want to work on Alraune as a MoGi enemy but that will have to wait a bit.

    For me it's easier to work on these smaller images and animations for the time being because I have a family health emergency that needs my constant attention. Creating the animated sequence of a character needs my undivided attention for days at a time and I dont have this luxury right now, so I'm focusing on some details that I always wanted to fix but they seemed trivial at the time. I'm waiting eagerly all these years to properly animate Ucogi and Alice for this game... their time will come soon.

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