Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Veins' progress

Last week I spend almost the entire 5 days making SlimeGirl Purple. Her sprites are done and I'm very pleased with how she looks. I posted videos of the entire progress in my YouTube channel. Their original time is almost 30 hours long but I compressed them into 6 hours. I'm curious, is anyone interested in those kind of videos?

Purple's cute face as she gets a surprise hit

When SlimeGirl Purple was designed for MoGi CardFight, she had to fit the card's frame and she was designed to appear from the waist up, which was a bit awkward. So, I made the artistic choice to give her thighs in MoGi Origins. Usually I try to stay as close to the source material as possible but Purple needed a chance of improvement on her design.

SG Purple evolution

I remember when we started the game, one of the first things I agreed with Titan, was to give personality to every MoGi in the game, so that they don't appear like mindless puppets, used as sex objects. This holds true so far, with every MoGi having unique attacks and behavior.

Through animation I got the chance to explore more of Purple's character. She ended up being unique for many reasons. No other MoGi so far can dodge an attack, go "through" Voms, have a 2 hit combo attack or shows her naked butt in the game!

Draft animation of Purple's combo attack

On Patreon, I shared the game I was making on the side for 12 months, named Wild West Whores. The game may not contain my story, main characters but the guy who commissioned it, cancelled the deal... so the game is now a part of Ucogi Games. I hope it helps with the long wait of the new beta of MoGi Origins.

Regarding MoGi Origins... I still don't know when the next Beta will be out. Titan is struggling to find time to work on the game. This can't go on any longer, so he is considering my offer, of coming to my country and live with me for a bit. Then we can work on the game non stop and finish as much as possible. Until then I will keep animating new things. One guy is making new levels, slowly, but we have 4 potential new guys that can hopefully help out. It may take some time until these new recruits learn their way around.

Right now I'm working on Voms' "level 3 tool upgrade" which is a charging move that allows Voms to repel enemy projectiles. If you remember Voms got Ground Pound with the "level 2 tool upgrade" in the city, but he needed a more defensive move in his arsenal. This is the last of Voms upgrades and he will get it soon after he beats Cyclops.

  Stuff I have to do in the near future (for Voms' timeline):
  • Remaining MoGi: Blue
  • Remaining Sex scenes: Vampire, Troll, Purple, Alraune, Cyclops
  • Remaining Hostage scenes: Vampire, Pixie
  • Remaining Queens: Golem, Stheno, Succubus 2.
  • Ucogi /Alice

While this blog's posts are usually monthly, I will be also posting smaller updates on our Patreon page from now on. I have been neglecting Patreon for a while now but I need to change that. It's where we get our financial support and I do need some feedback for my progress, so it seems more apropriate to post small stuff there, and bigger updates here. Of course I will keep an eye on both pages and reply to any comments or questions you may have, as always.


  1. I really like seeing the progress and hearing more from you, ty for taking the time to do all of these updates and animating so much lately.

    1. Thanks. I'm kind of sad that all the work I've done doesnt show in the game yet. Succubus, Vampire, Troll, Purple, Alraune, Cyclops... they are all ready to be in the game.

      Also I haven't got almost any comments regarding my YouTube "making of" videos, Succubus' sex scene in Patreon or even Wild West Whores in Patreon. So, your positive comment really means a lot to me.

  2. Great to see you are still alive and kicking. I hope the suggestion to ask HentaiWriter for help did indeed help.

    As for personality, what about adding more idle stuff to MoGi to flesh out their personalities more. For example, have multiple MoGi gather for a short time, wisper and snicker and then disbanding again. Or some MoGi bullying or teasing other MoGi, for example Purple Slime hitting Mushroom-MoGi's head.

    1. I talked to HentaiWriter but I'm not familiar with Discord and how groups work. I have to do a bunch of trivial stuff to get in their inner circle and I don't have the patience to do that right now. Besides, we have 4 new guys to test right now, so I can only deal with so many things at the time.

      Your suggestion is neat, but it would take a lot of work and time to do that. Not only I would have to go back and animate MoGi that i consider to be finished, but for Titan to program that... I'd rather have him do more important stuff.

      Also we need to be careful with the game's memory, so we can't have too much art. And I have to consider that for every addition for 1 MoGi, then for consistency all MoGi would need to have that addition. Also the "bullying" joke could get old easily because it would stand out. Or I would have to think of more jokes like that. It's a can of worms Id rather not open.

  3. I really want to play this game. I have bought other games, non-hentai, a few months back and still haven't played them because I just never really had the time. But I will make the time for Mogi Origins, because it's the first monster girl game I've seen that's animated. And because it was around the time I developed interest in monster girls hentai. I read your previous post and I hope you find a programmer or Titan helps finish the game. I really wouldn't want to see gifs of your work instead of it in the game. It just wouldn't be the same.

    1. Any art I post here can be considered as a spoiler, but I do need to show my progress. Most of the gif animations are in draft form and when they are colored they look very different.

      Now that you mention it, yes you are probably right, there arent many animated monstergirl games out there. I may be wrong, but this makes me feel good about what we try to do here, thanks! :)