Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Mogi Origins Dev Journal

Monday, March 2, 2020

Development madness!

Hello everyone!

We have been working almost non-stop for the past 2 months, trying to finish as many things as possible. Some old ideas were discarded, some new emerged, but the game keeps going with undivided attention!

Titan has finished programming all of Voms' boss-fights and Veins is trying to provide all the potential art for Titan to work with. The following video shows testing of the playable character Alice and the Queen Stheno among other things, in various stages of development. The art still needs to be finalized.

Here's a partial list of the things we have these past few weeks:
  • New menu
  • Updated gallery
  • VS portaits
  • Survival and Time Attack levels
  • Level updates (redesigned outdated or glitchy areas of the game)
  • Map updates, legend, teleport points
  • Teleport rooms
  • Placing Magazines, hostages and NPCs
  • Adding pledged messages
  • Adding water-floating objects
  • Updating lifts and door mechanics
  • Cut scene updates
  • Correcting dialogues, tutorials and instructions
  • Correcting various glitches (such as objects not pausing during pause)
  • Correcting various mistakes (such as doors leading to wrong areas)
  • Correcting various areas (some areas of the city can be accessed by specific characters)
  • Adding additional objects such as Mr. Tremmors statue, spaceships and various items
  • Alice, Ucogi and Ninja are programmed (finalized art still pending)
  • Vor, Queens and other animations are programmed (finalized art still pending)
  • Story for Voms is 100% completed
  • NPC portraits, names, advanced programming and making additional NPCs (such as Dr. Nova, as seen in the following image)

We are at the hardest phase of the development. This is the phase were we are exhausted after years of devotion, as everything finally gets put together. Everything we worked for, hopefully fits together well. With Voms' story almost done, Veins and Titan will spend the next two weeks reviewing Voms' playthrough, trying to address any problem, glitch and oversight they may find. Many unpredictable things may happen at this phase, such as new objects not freeze during pause, gameplay or anything unpredictable that we could not foresee.

After that, Veins will finalize all the art assets, including sprites, sex scenes and level art. Veins has now a decent experience with GameMaker and he will deal with the enemy placement and any art glitches made by the several people who worked in the tiling of the game.

Once all that is done, Voms' game will be released. The rest of the characters will be released at a later date, once they are completed as well.


  1. You have both come so far, I can honestly say I am proud of both of you. Thank you for sticking to it through all the rough times and naysayers.

    1. Thank you for your positive comment Jackal. We don't get many comments nowadays but we try to keep our chin up and focus on our work, even if some of the comments are negative.

      Both me and Titan gave our souls for this game. We still love working on it and we have been transparent in every step of the development. During his time here, we have been working for more than 8 hours per day. There were days that I worked for 12-14h and I only took breaks to eat and clean dishes. My hands hurt, we haven't had a haircut in over 2 months now and our computers acting up dangerously. But no matter what, we work out of passion and devotion, and Titan's time here is precious. At this point, we are both overworked but we still keep going.

      The next few days are going to be particularly tough, as we finally put everything together and we have to worry about consistency, glitches, presentation, story, mood and anything that we might have missed or forgot. This game is something we have to be proud of and after all this time of development, it has to look as good as possible. So, the pressure is real.

    2. Don't be pressured to the point of destruction, your health is important, as is your computers' (You can't continue if they die and everything is lost).

    3. There's only a few days left for Titan's stay here and there are still many things to be done.

      Just yesterday, Titan was working from 16:00 to 1:00 with 2 small breaks and I was working from 16:00 to 23:00, then I ate something and then I kept working from 24:00 to 2:30.

      Furthermore, my PC keeps disconnecting from the internet and suddenly one of my 2 monitors stopped working. I spend 3 hours(13:00-16:00) trying to fix it, I failed, I was working all day using my small secondary monitor, and today, both my monitors magically work fine! However, Titan's laptop has stopped charging because the plug is quite weak from excessive use.

      And regarding the game, we playtest the game and we have more than 1 full page of correction each day: some lifts stopped working, many doors were leading to wrong places or even nowhere, Gas weapon feels expensive at 2ENP, the Barrel Scale had no code, the horizontal lift needs to be coded manually each time, some cloud had code that was giving us a conflict of some kind, Alraune needed an additional projectile, Blue slimes conflict with lifts... you get the idea!

      And that's just a glimpse of a single day in our lives. Thank you for your concern, but we can only go forward without looking back at this point.


  2. I admire your work and I know that when this game is over you will feel proud, I love your work and following you for almost 5 years is love and devotion to what you do, much encouragement and we hope for the best of you

  3. Keep it up guys, so glad you have really picked things up. Super excited for the final release, but as Ivel mentioned above, don't overdo it, and stay healthy. Great work so far